How many methods to freckle and become white and rich? I’ll teach you a few moves to remove freckles and transform into white, rich and beautiful

Melasma is a kind of skin disease. Although it is not painful and itchy, its appearance can directly affect the beauty of appearance and make people lose confidence. How to effectively remove chloasma? Here are some ways to remove melasma, so that you can quickly recover your white and flawless face.

Almond freckle

Materials: almond, egg white, Baijiu

How to do it: take an appropriate amount of almonds, peel them, put them into a blender, pound them into a very fine powder, then add some egg white to mix them, stir them together until they become sticky, wipe them on the spots after cleansing in the evening, and get up the next morning to wash them with Baijiu. Once a day.

Persimmon leaf freckle removing

Materials: persimmon leaves, white vaseline

How to do it: prepare 50g persimmon leaves, grind them into fine powder, the finer the better, then add the same amount of Vaseline to blend them, stir them together to form a paste, smear them on the spots every night before going to bed, and wash them off the next day. Generally, it will take half a month. This method should be used with caution by people with allergic skin. It is best to do an anti allergy test before use.

Poria cocos freckle removing

Materials: Poria cocos, honey

Method: first take an appropriate amount of Poria cocos, grind it into powder, and then add a small amount of honey to the Poria cocos powder to adjust it, stir it together to form a paste, apply it to your face before going to bed at night, and wash it with water the next morning. This method desalinates pigment, removes chloasma, and has the effect of moisturizing skin.

Wax gourd freckle removing

Materials: wax gourd, egg yolk, honey

How to do it: prepare the amount you need, wash and peel the wax gourd, put the melon meat into a juicer to squeeze the juice, add an egg yolk and a little honey to mix well, and then smear it on the place with chloasma on the face, 1-2 times a day. Remove spots and restore white and smooth skin.

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