How many ways can you turn white and rich? I’ll teach you a few tricks to make you white, rich and beautiful

As the saying goes, one white covers three ugly. Everyone wants to whiten. But now that the sun is shining, many people can’t escape the fate of being tanned. Now let me introduce some whitening techniques to make you whiten easily.

1. Sunscreen is very important

No matter how beautiful and fair mm is, she dare not ignore the “poison” of ultraviolet rays on her skin. Don’t think that sunscreen can be ignored in summer. The role of ultraviolet rays in autumn and winter is not inferior to that in summer. Mm are unknowingly black for several degrees! Try not to go out in winter from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. if you have to carry an umbrella, don’t be shy!

2. Adequate sleep is the key to whitening

People’s skin will enter the time of metabolism after 10 p.m., and whitening and sleep are the key. We should ensure more than 8 hours of sleep every day, often maintain an open mind, and our skin will naturally whiten.

3. Whitening requires drinking more water

Drink a large cup of warm water on an empty stomach in the morning and a small cup before going to bed, so that the cells can fully absorb water, which can effectively prevent the appearance of melanin and have whitening effect. Remember to guarantee at least 8 glasses of water every day.

If you want to whiten, remember these foods.

Vitamin C is always the holy product of skin beautification. You should eat more fruits rich in vitamin C every day. Such as guava, kiwifruit, strawberry, virgin fruit, etc. In addition, it is also necessary to supplement foods rich in vitamin A and vitamin E.

Finally, I’ll give you some whitening food

1. Cordyceps turtle soup

Cordyceps sinensis and tortoise boil soup together to drink, which has a good effect of calming the mind, strengthening the spleen and whitening the skin. This tonic is suitable for all seasons. MM who love beauty and dexterity may as well have a try.

2. Milk almond and barley powder

Milk, almond powder and job’s tears powder all have whitening effects. Among them, job’s tears powder can also dispel dampness, one scoop each time in the morning and one scoop in the evening. After being brewed with milk, it can be directly used as breakfast. If it is brewed with water, it is recommended to boil it with warm boiled water first and then add hot water to avoid caking.

3. Lemonade

Lemon is rich in vitamin C. drinking lemon juice often can help digestion and whitening. Because lemon contains photosensitive substances, try not to bask in the sun after drinking lemonade during the day.

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