What are the tips for whitening and freckling? What are the tips for whitening and freckling

For “spot girls”, it is a dream to have white and flawless skin. In the face of a variety of freckle removal methods, which is the best and most effective?

What are the tips for whitening and freckling? Among the many problematic skin, the most troublesome is the skin with spots. Because the spots are difficult to remove, many women with spots have lost confidence. I suggest that you should keep up your spirits and use some techniques to remove freckles so that facial spots will no longer exist.

Whitening and freckle removing tips I: Lemon freckle removing method

Wash and slice the fresh lemon, grind it, add borax powder and sugar, mix it, put it into a glass bottle, seal it, take it out every three days, take a small spoon out of it every morning and evening, brew warm water and drink it. If you stick to drinking for a little time, you can reduce and eliminate freckles on your face. Girls without freckles can make your skin ruddy and tender.

Whitening and freckle removing tips 2:

Egg white vinegar freckle removing method

Soak the egg in white vinegar, wait until the egg shell is soft, remove the egg white from the egg shell, evenly smear it on the face, wait until 20 minutes, wash the face with warm water, and long-term persistence can effectively remove facial spots.

Whitening and freckle removing trick 3: cucumber + pearl powder freckle removing method

Squeeze fresh cucumbers into juice with a juicer, add pearl powder to make a paste, then add a little honey to mix it well, apply it evenly on the face for 20 minutes, and then wash the face with milk. After one month, the effect will be obvious. Then continue to use this method, and you can eliminate facial spots.

Whitening and freckle removing Tips 4: sugar and olive oil facial mask

Prepare sugar, olive oil and compressed facial mask in advance, then mix the two, put compressed facial mask paper into it and apply it on the face, 2-3 times a week. After a month, the spots on the face will be significantly improved.

Misunderstanding of freckle removal

One of the misconceptions: separate spots without separate treatment

Skin is generally divided into oily skin, neutral skin, dry skin, mixed skin, etc. each skin can have long spots, but different methods of freckle removal should be used for different skin to avoid allergy and other phenomena.

The second mistake: blind freckle removal in the early stage of long freckle

When color spots just grow on the face, many women often don’t care much. Without the guidance of professionals, they buy freckle removal products at will and remove them by themselves. This often causes more serious consequences and makes the color spots accumulate deeper and deeper. In fact, the early stage of color spots is the best treatment time. At this time, corresponding treatment methods should be selected according to different causes of different spots, so as to save a lot of treatment time and economic cost.

Myth 3: I think color spots are incurable

Many people have lost confidence in freckle removal and even have a laissez faire attitude after being treated in beauty salons for many times, Zhongsheng experts said that freckles can be cured. Only by choosing the right treatment method for different skin and different reasons can the best effect be achieved. SOD in enzymes can neutralize free radicals, maintain the acid-base balance in the body, remove the denaturation of cellular proteins, and solve pigmentation at the source. It is economical and fast.

Mistake No. 4: focusing only on “results” and ignoring “consequences”

Patients with long spots are usually eager to remove the spots, and even eager to eliminate the spots in a short time at all costs. It is this urgent psychology that makes many people choose the “quick effect” peeling method or the short-term bleaching skin method to remove the spots. It seems that it really has an immediate effect, but the skin will also suffer major damage, and their own immunity will decline, so that the spots will “turn around” again.

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