How many ways to say goodbye to acne easily? Teach you a few tips to say goodbye to acne easily

The thing that annoys many of us is that acne will come out without distinction, which makes us feel very embarrassed and confident. So how should I get rid of acne?

First of all, let’s understand the reasons for acne:

Most of the reasons for the formation of acne are that the oil secretion on the skin is exuberant. Excessive oil secretion accumulates, blocking pores, forming acne, and bacterial infection forms acne. Generally, the sebaceous glands on the face, forehead and back are more developed, so they are more favored by acne.

Basic principles of acne elimination

Basic principle 1: the first principle of removing acne marks is to completely cure the acne on your face before removing the acne marks.

Basic principle 2: when many people use light scar products, they pursue fast and effective results. As a result, many people apply acne removing products on their faces in large quantities. This is not a wise move. You should know that acne removing products often have certain hormone irritation. If they are used for a long time, they will only make the injured skin worse.

Basic principle 3: to remove acne marks, it is also necessary to do a good job of sunscreen. A large amount of ultraviolet rays outdoors will push and precipitate skin pigments, and the color of acne marks will be deeper and heavier. If this phenomenon persists for a long time, it will only make the work of removing acne marks increasingly difficult.

Here are some ways to eliminate acne:

1. Apply honey to remove acne

Honey is a relatively mild beauty ingredient. It is not only mild in nature, rich in nutrition, but also has antibacterial effect. Among bee products, propolis has the strongest antibacterial effect. Although the antibacterial effect of honey is not very strong, it is beneficial and harmless to acne skin and ordinary skin. It is mainly used for tender skin and sensitive skin.

2. Healthy exfoliation

A healthy stratum corneum can keep the skin healthy, but the damaged stratum corneum will affect its absorption of skin care products, so healthy exfoliation is very important. When the aging stratum corneum accumulates more and more, it will block pores and breed acne.

3. Facial cleansing

Rub mild mild soap in warm water (22-23 degrees) to make bubbles. Hold the foam with both hands and wash your face for 1 minute. Do not use too much force, then wash with hot water (38-40 degrees) for 20 seconds, wipe the water with a dry towel, and apply makeup water with astringent effect. This method must be used once in the morning and once in the evening. It has obvious effect on early, middle and late acne.

4. Yogurt acne

A cup of yogurt every day can dispel acne. Yogurt can not only promote digestion, but also help shoot some toxins in the body. By using the way of excretion, people who are often constipated are manifested in the growth of acne. Therefore, it is recommended that a cup of yogurt every day not only help dispel acne but also beautify the skin. The dry and yellow skin on the face will disappear and the toxin will go with it. And the gut is not only healthy, but also the toxin in the body will be less.

5. Drinking lemonade to dispel acne

When using lemon externally to remove acne, you may as well stick to drinking a glass of lemonade every day, because lemonade has the effect of detoxifying and beautifying, and can help regulate your health. Drinking lemonade every day while washing your face with lemonade can make acne better faster.

6. Method of squeezing acne

It is best not to use your hands directly when squeezing acne. You can prepare acne needles first. Before squeezing acne, you should strictly disinfect the skin and needles. The time to remove acne is also very important. Blackheads and incipient inflamed acne can not be removed with needles. The most important thing is to wait until the acne is really “ripe” before squeezing it. After the acne is squeezed out, wash your face in time, and finally throw water on your face with your hands. It is best to use mineral water or pure water. Then you should apply some anti-inflammatory and non irritating facial topical drug products.

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