How to effectively remove freckles? How to effectively remove freckles

I believe that all girls want to have white and red skin, smooth and flawless skin. However, due to various reasons, many faces have spots, and some of them can’t grow. How is freckle removal most effective? Xiaobian collected several methods for removing freckles to help restore the delicate white porcelain muscle.

Replenish sufficient water

For dry skin with water shortage, if you want to remove spots, you need to replenish sufficient moisture to moisturize the skin. You can apply some toner that can inhibit the growth of melanin and resist aging properly first, and then replenish the skin with appropriate moisture, and then do the following freckle removal care work.

Honey + salt facial mask

After replenishing sufficient moisture for the skin, beauties can use a facial mask to remove spots for the skin. They can mix an appropriate amount of edible salt with an appropriate amount of honey, stir it evenly, smear it on the facial skin, gently massage the spots on the skin, and then clean it with water after 20 minutes. Edible salt can help the skin to eliminate inflammation, sterilize and fade melanin deposition. Honey can consolidate and moisturize the skin. Regular use of this facial mask for skin care will have a very good freckle removing effect, but it needs to be used consistently for a long time.

Tea Whitening and freckle removing method

Operation method: after washing your face, apply tea to your face; And gently pat your face with your hands, or attach the absorbent cotton dipped in tea to your face for 2-3 minutes; Then wash with clean water, which has the effect of removing color spots and whitening. Sometimes the tea color on your face can’t be washed off immediately, but it will disappear naturally after one night.

Sugar olive oil facial mask

Operation method: prepare granulated sugar, olive oil and compressed facial mask, then mix the two, put compressed facial mask paper into it and apply it on the face, 2-3 times a week. After a month, the spots on the face will be significantly improved.

Cucumber + pearl powder

Operation method: fry the cucumber with a juicer, mix it with pearl powder, mix and weigh it, add some honey, apply it to your face, wash it off with milk half an hour later, and persist for 1 month. The effect is obvious.

Egg white vinegar freckle removing method

Operation method: soak the eggs in white vinegar until the egg shells become soft, remove the egg whites, smear them on the face, wash them for about 20 minutes, and you need to adhere to them to see the effect of freckling. There is no way to remove the spots at one time.

Olive oil + white vinegar freckle removal

For dry skin freckling that lacks oil, you can use a combination of olive oil and white vinegar, mix an appropriate amount of olive oil and white vinegar, or add a small amount of honey, mix and stir evenly, apply it on the face skin, and rub more on the skin with more spots, so that the skin can fully absorb the nutrients therein. After 20 minutes, rinse it with water. Oil deficient dry skin breeds spots. It is necessary to supplement oil while doing this kind of freckle removing facial mask care. If you persist in using it, you can effectively remove spots and make your skin healthier.

Lemon freckle removing method

Lemon freckle removing method: wash and cut fresh lemon into pieces, grind it, add borax powder and sugar, mix it, put it into a glass bottle, seal it, take it out every three days, take out a small spoon from it every morning and evening, brew warm water and drink it. If you stick to drinking for a little time, you can reduce and eliminate freckles on your face. Girls without freckles can have rosy and delicate skin.

Cucumber + pearl powder

Cucumber + pearl powder freckle removing method: squeeze fresh cucumber into juice with a juicer, add pearl powder and mix it into a paste, then add a little honey and mix it evenly, apply it evenly on the face for 20 minutes, and then wash the face with milk. After one month, the effect will be obvious. Then continue to use this method, and you can eliminate facial spots.

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