How many methods to dispel acne and mold smooth forehead? I’ll teach you a few moves to dispel acne and shape a smooth forehead

Many people have had acne, many adolescent boys and girls have acne, and the onset of women is earlier than that of men. The forehead is a high incidence of acne. What is the reason for acne on the forehead? How to treat it? Next, we will analyze the causes of acne on the forehead, what methods to treat it, and what aspects of diet we should pay attention to in general.

What is the reason for acne on the forehead?

1. Shampoo leads to acne on the forehead: a friend who suddenly has acne on his forehead for unknown reasons often tells me that he always has acne on his head. We have found many possible reasons for acne, but none of them. Finally, it was found that she used a certain brand of shampoo before acne began to occur. After finding out the reason, she changed her shampoo, applied a little anti-inflammatory and astringent facial dressing, and her acne disappeared quickly.

2. Skin care products are easy to cause skin problems: besides Xifa Jing, skin care products are also easy to cause skin rejection. As for what ingredients are sensitive to? Everyone is different. Because of frequent contact with maintenance products, my hands are more sensitive to the quality of maintenance products than my face! Generally, high-quality care products, regardless of brand, will not have allergic reactions. Only certain baby products, as long as they are applied to your hands, will itch and start to become red, swollen and hot. The health care products available to babies should be very mild, which should not happen. However, as I mentioned just now, everyone is different about what ingredients are excluded. This is my special case. It is the same when buying health care products. Many people will ask their friends to “buy the same as you” when they do not know how to buy them. This way of selecting maintenance products is very wrong! Products that others are very satisfied with may not have the desired effect on your face due to different ages and skin types.

3. The forehead is not clean: the acne near the hairline of the forehead will be improved after washing. Just like the scalp and the face secrete oil, the dirt in the air is easy to adhere to the hair, and some people like bangs, so it forms irritation to the forehead skin, foam that is not washed when washing the face and remains at the hairline, which are the source of acne.

What are the methods to treat acne?

1. The treatment time of acne is very long, especially for some special skin, it will be more difficult. According to clinical findings, patients with acne are generally oily skin, so adjust their oily skin first to treat acne. Experts remind patients to be patient when treating acne. If they interrupt and give up easily in the middle, all previous efforts will be wasted. They should also pay attention to their emotional adjustment while treating acne.

2. In the treatment of acne, attention should be paid to sunscreen, especially in the recovery period of acne, it is more important to avoid sunshine, otherwise it will only hinder the recovery of patients. It is important for acne patients to develop a good habit, and good living habits are conducive to the recovery of acne. For example, acne patients should have enough sleep during treatment. The quality of sleep directly affects their acne removal effect. Sleep is not just a simple rest, High quality sleep not only makes you healthy, but also makes you beautiful.

What are the dietary contraindications of acne patients?

1. Don’t eat some seafood hair products. As we all know, many diseases will make patients avoid hair products. Yes, foods such as fish, shrimp, mutton and shells can easily induce acne, so they can’t be eaten. In addition, it’s also inappropriate to eat more warm foods such as leeks, cattle, sheep and dog meat, which will also aggravate the patient’s condition.

2. Eat less high sugar food, sweet food must be avoided, and don’t eat too much, such as chocolate and various sweets. Acne patients should not have delusions, because too much sugar can be converted into fat in the body, and fat can increase sebum secretion. Sebum secretion will cause various physiological changes and induce acne.

3. Don’t eat big fish and big meat, but light food. Eat more fresh vegetables. Try not to eat or eat less spicy food, including raw scallions, raw garlic, peppers and other irritating food, as well as strong sprinkling, strong tea and coffee. The reason is that spicy food can stimulate the secretion of male hormones to increase, and excessive male hormones can stimulate the secretion of sebaceous glands to increase sebum, which is the main factor for the occurrence or aggravation of acne.

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