How does blain grow on forehead do? How to deal with acne on the forehead

Acne on the forehead is a problem that many people will encounter, in addition to paying attention to the cleanness of bangs. Diet is also the focus of forehead acne. Today, Xiaobian will introduce you the dietary acne removal methods for forehead acne. MM who wants to eat acne might as well come and see how to do it.

Pimples grow on the forehead

Forehead pimples are generally endocrine disorders. Endocrine imbalance will cause excessive oil secretion, and excessive oil will block pores and cause acne; People who think too much for a long time, work too hard or are stressed too much, have a bad temper, and will also get acne; In addition, long bangs and dirty hair in front of the forehead are often the reasons for acne on the face; Oily skin has strong oil secretion, and too much oil will block pores and cause acne.


Drink more herbal tea to beautify your skin; Ensure adequate sleep, relax and relieve pressure; If the bangs are too long, it is recommended to cut the bangs short and keep the hair clean.

Eat foods rich in vitamin A

Vitamin A can regulate the metabolism of epithelial cells, improve hair follicle keratinization to a certain extent, regulate the function of skin sweat glands, reduce the invasion of acidic metabolites to the epidermis, and be conducive to the rehabilitation of acne patients. Vitamin A can only play its role after its precursor is transformed in the human body. For the skin, it can regulate the metabolism of the epidermis and stratum corneum, protect the epidermis and mucosa, make bacteria less vulnerable, and make the skin smooth and tender.

Eat more foods rich in zinc

Foods rich in zinc include: mainly meat and grain. Chinese cabbage, soybeans and white radish contain more than 30mg of zinc per kg; Rice, wheat, wheat flour, millet, corn, corn flour, sorghum flour, lentils, potatoes, carrots, purple radishes, vines, radish tassels, pumpkins and boxes contain zinc between 10 and 30mg; Dry sweet potato contains less than 10mg zinc.

The beauty Xiaobian of Weiwei health network reminds that the acne on the forehead needs careful care so that it won’t leave acne marks. In addition. Pay attention to personal hygiene is also very important.

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