Can you whiten your face by exercising in autumn? Can’t you whiten your face by exercising in autumn

In autumn, the skin will appear dry and cracked, which makes many female friends headache. Therefore, we will look for various skin care tips in autumn. Let’s have a look together.

In autumn, whiten your face and exercise more

Basic skin care is the most important step in whitening. Usually, we often exercise our skin at home. Before going to bed, apply some skin care products, dip a large cotton pad into the toner, and gently pat the skin, about 50 times on each side. It can not only promote blood circulation, but also make cells active, enhance vitality, make skin shiny for a long time, and move more than massage, causing less irritation to the skin.

What are the autumn common sense of whitening and skin care?

1. Often drinking yogurt in autumn can whiten the skin

Speaking of yogurt, I believe that beautiful women are not new. Many people choose to eat yogurt in life. Yogurt can not only lose weight, but also prevent sun. Today we will introduce the different functions of yogurt. Nutritionists say that yogurt is strictly a fermented dairy product, and it is a long-term disadvantage. In fact, yogurt can whiten the skin. Because yogurt can remove toxic substances from the intestine, it can remove toxins from the body. If there is no toxin in the body, the skin will naturally become better. The whitening effect of yogurt with facial mask is not good. You can wet apply the remaining milk, bath facial mask and paper on your skin, and over time, it will have obvious effects.

Yogurt can also decompose all lactose and protein in milk, making it easier for people to absorb and promoting the secretion and digestion of gastric juice. In addition, lactic acid bacteria in yogurt can also effectively inhibit cancer and intestinal bacterial growth. Cholesterol: drinking a cup of yogurt every day can reduce the cholesterol level very well.

2. Antioxidants for external use must be used

In our life, green tea and coffee beans can protect our skin. Beauty experts say that regularly using these skin care products containing these ingredients can very well resist free radicals in the body. We can choose to apply antioxidant skin care products to our faces and massage after daily cleaning. Then use sunscreen for double protection. In addition, we must remember that the use of sunscreen should not be too small. Half a teaspoon is the best. It can prevent skin dullness and aging very well

In addition, you can eat more cherries to protect your skin in autumn. Cherry contains a lot of vitamin C, which can effectively moisturize the skin and inhibit the growth of melanin in the skin. In addition, the content of carotene in cherry is also high. Carotene can improve skin elasticity, promote the formation of subcutaneous stratum corneum, and make skin whiter.

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