How many ways to whiten in autumn to become a pure and clear beauty like Yin Tao [picture]? I’ll teach you some autumn whitening tricks to be a pure and clear beauty like Yin Tao [picture]

Tips1: oily skin.

For oily skin, although the face looks oily in summer, the skin will also dry and peel in autumn. At this time, the first thing to do is to replenish water to the skin. Experts suggest that people with oily skin may as well use oil removing and Tightening Lotion, which can not only shrink pores but also replenish water to the skin. At the same time, for oily skin with excessive oil secretion and large pores that are easy to block, it has the effect of inhibiting oil secretion and eliminating inflammation.

Tips2: neutral skin.

There should also be a correct method for autumn care of neutral skin: after cleaning, first use oil-free moisturizer to freshen the skin, and then use nourishing and tightening cream containing olive oil to form an oxygen permeable protective film on the skin surface. This film does not allow moisture to evaporate, which is both moisturizing and anti pollution.

Tips3: dry skin.

Compared with oily and neutral skin, dry skin should be carefully cared for. In autumn, dry skin should be hydrated with moisturizer, because the pH of dry skin is easy to be destroyed, and moisturizer can repair the pH of skin. At the same time, it is matched with a suitable firming cream to supplement nutrition to the skin, so that it is moist and not dry. In addition, people with dry skin are particularly reminded that due to the movement of facial muscles such as frowning and talking, people with dry skin are very likely to have pseudo wrinkles in autumn when their skin is dry and astringent. Therefore, they must drink more water, eat more vegetables and fruits, and eat less spicy food.

Tips4: cosmetics selection.

Daily cosmetics also need to be carefully selected. In autumn, the skin looks dry. We should choose moisturizing milk and cream with sufficient moisture and surfactant. It is good for activating damaged skin cells to smear them on the face. For foundation cream, lipstick, eye shadow cream, rouge and other aspects, try to use moisturizing cream. In the selection of make-up water, people with oily skin can choose toner; It is better to choose moisturizing water for neutral and dry skin. In this season, it is best not to use dry powder to fix makeup, so as not to make the skin more dry.


Tips5: selection of skin care products.

Choose the right skin care products. The principle of choosing skin care products: first, according to the skin properties; second, according to time and climate. In autumn, we should choose non-alcoholic makeup water, moisturizing and non greasy day cream and night cream, soft facial mask with bleaching effect, etc.

Tips6: essence can whiten, moisturize and remove freckles.

Essence, that is, essence, is extracted from high nutrients and concentrated. It is the best in skin care products. Essence has many effects such as anti-aging, whitening, anti wrinkle, moisturizing and freckle removing. When your skin is aging due to the alternation of seasons, excessive pressure, travel fatigue, and age, you should try the magic essence. The air is dry in autumn. When using essence, you should pay attention to moisturizing.

Tips7: sunscreen and moisturizing.

Although ultraviolet rays in autumn are not as fierce as those in midsummer, they will increase skin melanin, darken skin tone, penetrate deeper into skin, damage skin structure, and make skin aging. Therefore, it is best to choose skin care products with whitening, moisturizing and nutritional functions. Only in this way can we meet the needs of skin in many aspects in autumn.

Tips8: Night skin care, better effect.

Using skin care products at night can help skin repair, which is better than the effect in the daytime. Night is the golden time for whitening and freckling. At this time, the skin’s absorption capacity of moisture and nutrients in skin care products is 1-2 times that of the day. Therefore, using whitening and freckle removing essence before going to bed together with moisturizing facial mask or repair cream can repair damaged skin cells during the day.

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