Teach you how to use the acne needle to remove acne without leaving traces. Teach you how to use the acne needle to remove acne without leaving traces

I can’t stand the red and swollen acne staying on my face. My beauty loving friends can’t help but squeeze out the acne on my face. Fingernail acne is prone to bacterial infection, and acne needles have become the primary tool for acne removal. Professional skin beauticians suggest that the use of acne needles to remove acne should be minimized.

Many acne patients like to squeeze acne with acne needles, but improper use methods and techniques, as well as failure to clean and disinfect in time after use, can easily lead to large pores and scars.

For acne needle, choose one with bright body

Acne needle is a beauty product for acne skin. It looks like a household needle. One end is equipped with a small loop device for squeezing the acne contents.

Acne needles should choose a regular acne needle. You can’t just buy one casually. Because these stall goods may be made of inferior metal, which is very harmful to the skin. You should go to a regular cosmetic shop or beauty shop. A good acne needle should be tasteless, smooth, shiny and free of rust.

Double disinfect before using the acne needle

Before using the acne needle, you must disinfect and wash your hands and face, otherwise bacteria will take advantage of it. This is the most basic and important step. If we don’t pay enough attention to it, bacteria will contact acne and infect the acne wound, causing greater trouble.

How to disinfect the acne needle? First, immerse the acne needle in an instrument containing 75% medical alcohol, take it out for about 20 minutes, and then dry it with dry gauze. After drying, the irritation and damage of residual alcohol to the skin can be avoided.

1. Use after alcohol disinfection, including acne skin and acne needles.

2. First, use a needle to prick the epidermis, so that blackheads, acne and acne can be turned up and part of the fibrous tissue under the skin can be pricked.

3. When squeezing, put the acne opening in the middle of the circle and press it down, or move it slowly until the hole meets the steel wire edge. If you can’t squeeze it out at once, you can try in another direction.

4. After use, clean the skin with toner again, and the skin will be more fresh, clean, delicate and smooth. Then apply a certain thickness of acne cream, anti-inflammatory water and skin tightening water on the pressed part.

Immature acne cannot be squeezed

If your acne is still inflamed, hard to touch, and a little painful, you can’t use acne needles. Otherwise, it will become more and more serious. When you see acne slowly floating a little white or light yellow, you can pick acne with a acne needle. Never move immature acne.

Warm tip: many acne patients like to squeeze their acne with acne needles, but due to improper use methods and techniques and failure to clean and disinfect in time after use, it is easy to have large pores and leave scars when using acne needles.

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