Do you drink milk to whiten yourself, Darren? Drink milk to whiten

Drinking milk can strengthen your body. Not only that, it can also be used for whitening. But is the milk whitening method you have chosen correct? Today, the expert shared the secret recipe of raising milk muscle and taught you how to whiten quickly with milk. Hurry up and try it!

Can you believe that milk can whiten skin without making facial mask? Today, the master confirmed it for you, shared the secret recipe of raising milk muscle, and taught you how to whiten quickly with milk. Hurry up and learn!

1、 Nutrition of milk

Milk contains a variety of nutrients required by the body. Supplementing human microelements such as vitamin B2 can moisturize and whiten skin, vitamin A can prevent night blindness, drink milk and nourish stomach. When the internal structure of the body is healthy, it will naturally have a healthy skin color, and naturally have the effect of turning white and red.

2、 Milk drinking method for whitening skin

1。 Insist on drinking: insist on drinking a glass of milk before going to bed every day, which can help improve the quality of sleep. If you persist for more than half a year, you will truly experience the effect of “beauty sleep” and find that your skin is more white and tender than before.

2。 The best time is in the evening or in the morning: the amount of milk in a day should reach 500ml. Drinking milk in the morning with bread or eggs is the best, which can help digestion.

3。 Both inside and outside: of course, in addition to drinking milk, external application is also very important. You can use milk as a facial mask, which can double the whitening effect. For example, every time you drink a little milk, you can use a cotton pad to smear it on your face, or soak it in facial mask paper and apply it to your face. After ten minutes, you can wash it and apply toner.

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