Experts teach you good ways to yellow and whiten. What are the good ways to yellow and whiten

No.1 office worker

Features: dark yellow and uneven face

Reason: ultraviolet rays have the greatest impact on skin aging. When the human body is exposed to ultraviolet radiation and other external stimuli, more melanin will form in the basal layer of the skin to fight against the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin, and the skin will become darker and darker. Secondly, in addition to being damaged by ultraviolet rays outdoors, modern urban office workers also suffer from ultraviolet rays and radiation emitted by fluorescent lamps, computer screens and some office equipment in the office, which can make their skin black and yellow.

How to get rid of yellowness: no matter your work is outdoors or facing the computer for a long time, you must remember to wear sunscreen, and you need to reapply it in 2 to 3 hours, and remember to repair it after work.

Content: No.1 office worker

No.2, dry, yellow faced woman

No.3. Time goes by

No.4. Life pressure

No.2, dry, yellow faced woman

Features: the skin is not very dark, but lacks luster

Reason: the softness of the skin is directly proportional to the water content of the skin. Moisture is retained in the skin by the protective acidic outer skin layer. Another reason for yellow skin is that dry air will soon take away the moisture in your skin, causing small wrinkles of the skin and shadows on the face, which will lead to darkening of the face.

Method to remove yellowing: in addition to the basic moisturizing work, you can often do a spa for your skin, apply a thin layer of moisturizing essence to your face, then gently cover your face with a towel soaked in warm water, press the towel down gently with your fingers, make the towel close to the skin of your face and eyes, and let the hot air stay for about 30 seconds to promote the blood circulation of your face. The complexion of yellow face will get better immediately!

No.3. Time goes by

Features: sallow complexion, spots and wrinkles

Reason: women generally begin to age at the age of 25, so it is inevitable that their skin will begin to age. The skin will become yellow and dark due to the deposition of aging cells on the surface. In addition, endocrine disorders and toxin accumulation in the body caused by the decline of female uterus and ovary will cause color spots and dark yellows on the skin.

Method of removing yellowing: regularly remove the abandoned horniness on the face and the deposition of aging cells on the skin surface, which can make the skin white and transparent, and also improve the absorption capacity of the skin. In life, we should exercise more and sweat more, drink more water, and also use some beauty products containing protein to help the skin detoxify.

No.4. Life pressure is yellow faced.

Features: imbalance of facial oil secretion, rustic complexion

Reason: many women have become yellow faced women under perennial pressure for family and work. Mental depression will lead to your hormone imbalance, imbalance of water and oil on your face, accumulation of oil, grease and residual excreta will block pores and cause your face to turn grey. Long term stress makes you lose sleep, eat inappropriately, and always lock your eyebrows and droop the corners of your mouth inadvertently. These expression lines will gradually become fixed. If so, after a period of time, you will find that your face is much worse and you look much older.

Methods to get rid of yellowing: first, we should pay attention to cleaning and controlling facial oil at ordinary times to prevent pores from clogging. Second, changes in mental state can affect hormone secretion and thus bring changes to the skin. Therefore, we should always maintain a positive and optimistic attitude. While loving life and family, we should also love ourselves. When we are busy, we should also remember to reduce pressure, chat with friends and family more, and go to the gym to massage our faces.

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