How can I whiten myself before going to bed? How to whiten a person before going to bed

As the saying goes, “one white covers three ugly”, how can whitening be the most effective? In fact, it is best to start whitening skin before going to bed, so as to give full play to the effect. How to whiten before going to bed? Let’s take a look at how it is introduced.

Step 1: deeply clean and open the skin channel before going to bed

It is important to clean your skin before going to bed. If you carry cosmetics and dirt residues overnight, it is easy to cause skin pigmentation, form spots, block pores, cause acne and itching, and eventually accelerate skin aging. Do a good job of deep cleaning, so that the skin can absorb moisture and essence, and achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Before any care, the skin must be thoroughly cleaned. Choose make-up remover or make-up remover to clean the skin, use mild cleanser to complete the “second cleaning”, and wash off the previous make-up remover and the residual make-up on the skin surface. Gently exfoliate the skin while massaging to wake up the stagnant circulation and metabolism of fast falling asleep, and also remove the melanin and accumulated dirt on the surface by removing the old and wasted horniness of the skin.

Step 2: exfoliate and solve dullness

First of all, carefully wash the perfect disguise of the face for a day. After gently massaging and exfoliating, excessive toxins need to be discharged. For example, the vitality cream containing “lactic acid bacteria” and beneficial bacteria eliminates skin endotoxin, strengthens skin defense, purifies metabolic toxins, and solves the dull phenomenon that often occurs in autumn and winter.

Step 3: moisturize the skin with moisturizing compress

For skin that is easy to dry, it is recommended to apply beauty water + paper film to replenish moisture before using essence, and then apply a thick layer of ognitu lotion to “seal the face” to enable the skin to absorb the most nutrients and moisture.

Step 4: pore reduction

At this time, your drying and aging phenomenon has been gradually induced, mixed with pores and dullness. According to the survey, the skin problems that women over 20 years old want to improve most are large pores, fine lines and relaxation. In particular, pores are the craziest. At night, after skin cleaning and conditioning, it can strengthen the care of pores. Through high-efficiency moisturizing cream and adding Pore Essence for pore treatment, Shuangguan can prevent pores from expanding continuously. Of course, it is recommended that you avoid staying up late, because pores can easily be seen after staying up late. As a good night beauty martyr, you are absolutely ng.

Step 5: moisturize and apply nourishing essential oil on your face before going to bed

This is a beauty trick from Chanel makeup artist Rachel Goodwin. Before going to bed, smear nourishing essential oil on the whole face, and then give appropriate facial massage. The effect is similar to doing a facial spa. After waking up, you will find that your skin will really be much better. You might as well try it tonight!

Step 6: replenish water and heat, cover your face with both hands, and strengthen the efficacy of skin care products

After completing the above steps, you are only one short step away from completing the pre sleep whitening project! After applying perfect white lotion or whitening face cream on your face, immediately rub your hands and cover your face for 3 minutes. They can lock the moisture and nutrition in the skin, inhibit the formation of melanin, brighten the skin tone, and bring your whitening before bed to a full stop!

Here are the six steps of how to whiten before going to bed. If you persist in doing this every day, your skin will achieve the whitening effect you want. Friends who want to whiten or have skin problems caused by poor cleaning may as well try it.

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