How many tricks can I teach you to make your spring full of water? I’ll teach you some ways to make your spring full of water

Whitening and moisturizing tips – supplement moisture

Whitening and moisturizing in winter should pay attention to reasonable drinking water and supplement water to make up for the consumption of body fluid in autumn dryness. Generally speaking, drinking 6-8 cups of water every day can meet the internal needs of the skin, make the metabolism of the body run normally, and effectively discharge human wastes out of the body, so as to maintain the cleanness and vitality of the skin. Boiled water, fruit juice, mineral water and so on are all channels for replenishing water. Of course, boiled water is the best choice. It’s also good to drink green tea occasionally. It can clear away heat and reduce fire. It’s very suitable for friends who often sit in the office.

Whitening and moisturizing tips – pay attention to skin cleaning

In winter, pollutants in the air are easy to block pores, thus causing skin problems such as acne and color spots. In addition, the skin that lacks water should also be cleaned in time, otherwise the skin will be more dry and rough. Therefore, no matter whether you make up or not, you should clean your face every morning and evening. Choose a weak acidic cleansing soap or cleanser, and fully clean the skin after rubbing and foaming. If a small amount of vinegar is added to the cleansing water, the whitening and moisturizing effect will be better.

Skincare in the morning and evening

Skin care and moisturizing work should be done in time after facial cleansing every morning and evening, so as to reduce water loss and lock skin moisture. After putting on a good make-up lotion, use a moisturizing lotion or cream with a high moisturizing component. Try moisturizing milk. The light lotion has a particularly mild texture and won’t burden the skin. The key is that it has a particularly good whitening and moisturizing effect and has a long-lasting effect. It can keep the skin moisturized all day long. In addition, the plant essence contained therein can continuously supplement skin nutrition, fade fine lines, whiten skin, and make skin compact and tender again. However, for office workers who face computers for a long time, it would be better to spray some moisturizing spray from time to time!

Whitening and moisturizing tips – balanced nutrition

Too much or too little food nutrition will cause certain skin problems. In dry and cold winter, it is easy to cause rough skin and dry lips, which not only affects your beauty but also makes you uncomfortable. To solve this problem, we should pay attention to balanced nutrition and eat more foods rich in vitamin A and fiber, such as animal liver, milk, eggs, carrots, apples, bananas and pears. It can help accelerate the metabolism of the cuticle of the skin and make the skin more delicate and smooth.

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