Why can’t skin always whiten? Six whitening misunderstandings to be vigilant in daily skin care

Girls all want to have white and tender skin. Whitening is a lifelong career for many women. However, many whitening methods have been adopted, but the effect is not very obvious, which makes them very troubled.

Why can’t I always get up in vain? Experts believe that it may be affected by whitening mistakes. Let’s identify whitening mistakes and improve skin problems together! Drinking lemonade in the morning is widely used for whitening, but it’s better not to drink it in the morning, because lemonade contains the photosensitive component “psoralen”. After taking it into the body, the skin will be more sensitive to ultraviolet rays, but this component will disappear in a few hours, so it’s better to drink it at night.

I think it’s summer to protect against ultraviolet rays, which is the number one killer of skin darkening! I think I’m white. How can I not get sunscreen! Ultraviolet rays do not generate heat, so judging whether to need sunscreen according to the weather and season is rather unreliable! Whenever you are in the sunlight or even reflected light, your skin will be exposed to different degrees of ultraviolet rays, so you should protect yourself from the sun! You should also protect yourself from sun indoors! Ignoring cleansing products many people think that whitening cleansing products should be washed away after all! So it doesn’t make much difference whether it is used or not! But in fact, washing your face can really “wash your face”. Please don’t underestimate the step of washing your face! If the melanin generated by the skin due to the stimulation of ultraviolet rays cannot be smoothly metabolized by the skin, it will form a “dark force” in the cuticle of the skin.

At this time, you can’t leave a cleansing product that can effectively clean the old and waste horniness of your skin! Relying too much on fruit acid to whiten fruit acid can remove the aged cuticle and make the skin look white, tender and smooth. However, if you use it too much, it will make the skin thinner and more sensitive and lose its function of fighting ultraviolet rays.

If the concentration of fruit acid is too strong, or if applied to allergic and dry skin, it will cause burns, which will cause side effects such as skin inflammation and pigmentation.

Use whitening products immediately after sunburn. The damage of free radicals after sunburn will cause inflammatory pigmentation and uneven skin tone. If you blindly do whitening work on the surface of the skin at this time, it will only make the deep skin unable to be thoroughly cleaned and whitened. After a long time, the skin will be completely blackened due to the precipitation of melanin.

PS: products with too many chemical additives will make the skin more sensitive after sunburn, which will cause inflammation and make the deposited pigment more serious.

I only use whitening lotion. Many oily mushrooms use whitening and moisturizing lotion after cooling and cleansing. I think my skin will be tender and transparent.

Without follow-up water locking products, whitening and moisturizing makeup water can not only whiten and moisturize, but also take away moisture from the skin due to evaporation, and it is easy to make the skin dry and sensitive.

Are you familiar with the above whitening misunderstandings? Are you also affected by these misunderstandings? If so, then we must change our whitening methods and learn the correct whitening techniques.

Whether it is summer or winter, you should do a good job of sunscreen when you go out, and remember to apply sunscreen.

You can choose suitable whitening products and apply whitening facial mask 1-2 times a week!

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