What habits can make skin white? 7 good whitening habits can make skin white

It seems that in summer, our skin starts to become dark, and the white skin seems to be away from us.

In fact, the reasons for everyone’s dark and uneven skin color are very different. Some people’s lives are chaotic due to work pressure, and some people’s skin problems are caused by ultraviolet rays. But basically everyone wants to be white.

Specific problems are analyzed in detail, so let’s take a look at the knowledge of beauty and skin care.

And I’ll share some good whitening habits with you.

Whitening habits 1. Sunscreen is the first thing. No matter whether the weather is cloudy or sunny, you should prevent the damage of ultraviolet rays (UVB and UVA) to your skin, which should become your habit.

Try to avoid going out when the sun is strong. Wearing sunscreen is a powerful weapon to prevent sunburn, sunburn and photoaging.

Remember to reapply every two or three hours, which is a complete sunscreen program.

2. Whitening should be carried out in advance throughout the year. Don’t wait for midsummer to come before taking measures.

Before the age of 25, the skin has “reversibility”, and even if there is melanin, it can slowly whiten back. After the age of 25, the skin needs the maintenance of whitening products more often to restore the original whiteness.

3. Vitamins are vital vitamins A, C and E, which can not only regulate human functions and improve immunity, but also improve skin tissues and inhibit pigmentation.

Eating more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins at ordinary times, such as tomatoes, hawthorn, oranges, cabbage, etc., can not only make the skin white, but also increase the vitality of the skin.

4. Massage charges the skin. The microvessels in the dermis are divided into deep and shallow parts. The deep blood vessels are used to regulate body temperature, and the shallow blood vessels are responsible for supplying epidermal nutrition.

Massage has a magical effect on providing oxygen to the skin and enhancing its vitality. Moderate friction can promote blood circulation, accelerate blood supply to the skin, and make the skin white and healthy.

5. Moisturizing allows the skin to drink freely. The tight stratum corneum, the uniform water-soluble fat protective layer and the strong cell membrane are the best natural barriers for the skin. No matter what link goes wrong, our skin will lose moisture and appear dry and dull.

Moisturizing and whitening facial mask once or twice a week is the fastest way to relieve dry skin and make skin moist and white.

6. Essential oils wake up the skin basil, lavender, lemon, mint, rosemary, rose and other essential oils can be used as delivery carriers to deliver the effective ingredients of whitening products to the inner layer of the epidermis, so as to make the skin glow, whiten and transparent.

7. Skin cleaning is the basis of whitening. Washing your face carefully every day can not only thoroughly clean your skin, but also specially regulate your skin, so that the ingredients of subsequent whitening products can be better absorbed, and thus achieve twice the result with half the effort.

The above is the content of whitening habits for all friends. I believe that after reading the above content, the female friends in front of the screen will have a deeper understanding of whitening and skin care.

As long as you keep these good beauty and skin care habits in mind and stick to them, you can see obvious improvement and whitening effects. Then in life, especially in skin care, we should be conscious and learn more useful scientific knowledge, so as to ensure the health of our skin.

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