Beauty and skin care knowledge a: Wang Qian, beauty and skin care specialist

It is everyone’s nature to love and pursue beauty

As for food, women are more looking for beautiful and beautiful food. In fact, some foods do not lack any nutrition when viewed alone, but when combined with other foods, they often produce unexpected results

Health tips (1): “disfiguring” food collocation let’s take a look at several food collocations that will cause your disfigurement! See if you have tried this “disfigured” food collocation in your diet

Cake + tofu this is related to the classification of food. One classification is to divide food into intensive and non intensive food

In addition to fruits and vegetables, other foods, such as meat, milk and grains, are all dense foods

The food matching method advocates that we can only eat one kind of dense food with vegetables in the same meal

Tips: for example, tofu containing protein and cake containing starch are dense foods, and eating them together will inevitably lead to obesity

Therefore, everyone should drink carefully

Milk + Orange: eat oranges just after drinking milk. The protein in milk will first meet with the fruit acid and vitamin C in oranges and solidify into blocks, affecting digestion and absorption

Cucumber + peanut cucumber diced, mixed with boiled peanuts, is often used as a refreshing cold dish

In fact, this kind of matching is not very appropriate

Because the combination of these two foods may cause diarrhea

Cucumber tastes sweet and cold. It is often eaten raw, while peanut is rich in oil

Generally speaking, if cold food meets oil, it will increase its smoothness and may cause diarrhea

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