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There are some common foods at home. Maybe you don’t agree with them. In fact, they have unpredictable beauty effects on skin care

Aloe Vera is extremely bitter and cold in nature. Its functions are diarrhea, insecticidal and heat clearing

Main indications: intestinal heat constipation, five malnutrition, insect accumulation, Brucella, scabies, chest diaphragm fever, etc

Clinically, the dosage is 1-3 g, which is only used as pills and powders, not in soup

For external use, grind the powder and apply it, or apply it with vinegar and wine

Aloe Vera is excellent for removing intestinal and liver toxins and cleaning blood vessels

Aloe contains a variety of plant active ingredients, as well as a variety of amino acids, vitamins, polysaccharides and mineral ingredients, among which aloe vera and aloe huoermo can stimulate intestinal peristalsis and excrete intestinal toxins

Aloe vera, aloe cellulose and organic acid can soften blood vessels, dilate capillaries and clear endotoxin in blood vessels

At the same time, other nutrients in aloe can quickly supplement the needs of human defects

Therefore, Americans say: a cup of aloe vera in the morning is as precious as gold coins

That is, aloe can not only detoxify but also replenish deficiency. It has a unique personality. This personality of aloe is very excellent

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