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A week’s whitening recipe for hydrated protein skin. Eat it according to the recipe to return your skin

A week’s whitening recipe for hydrated protein skin. Eat it according to the recipe to return your skin

Day 1: pre meal tomato whitening good skin color one tomato before meal, whitening, healthy and beautiful

Tomatoes are a treasure house of vitamin C, so they are healthy food for whitening

VC can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in the skin, effectively reduce the formation of melanin, so as to make the skin white and tender and eliminate black spots

Korean star Cui Zhenzhen is the ambassador of tomato whitening, and many stars have revealed the secret recipe of tomato whitening

Day 2: kelp pig’s feet soup reduces cutin accumulation. Pig’s feet contain a large amount of collagen, which is a magic weapon for skin rejuvenation

The intake of collagen that needs to be maintained for three meals a day is 5000mg. If it is less than this amount, there is a risk of wrinkles

After sufficient collagen, the elasticity of the skin will naturally be good, and the complexion of people will change accordingly, and the face will become white

Kelp contains a high amount of zinc, which can participate in the normal metabolism of the skin, make epithelial cells differentiate normally, reduce the keratinization of the duct mouth of hair follicle sebaceous gland, facilitate the smoothness of pores, and reduce the accumulation of horniness. Day 3: Chinese wolfberry rice wine makes your face ruddy. This is not only a delicious food with a good mouth feeling, but also a great meal for whitening

MM who loves beauty can use it as a sweet soup to replenish energy in the afternoon, not only whitening but also nourishing

Quail eggs are rich in protein, B vitamins, vitamins A and E. when cooked with wine, they will also produce enzymes and active substances beneficial to women’s skin

While Lycium barbarum can nourish the liver and kidney. The vitamin A contained in it combined with rice wine can promote the absorption of nutrients, and women’s faces will be more moist and moving after eating

Day 4: kiwifruit salad supplement vitamin kiwifruit’s whitening principle is similar to that of tomatoes. It also contains a large amount of vitamin C. eating more can help skin detoxify, interfere with melanin production, help eliminate skin dullness, and make skin brighter

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