How about Estee Lauder powder? Is Estee Lauder powder easy to use?

Estee Lauder powder ? Is Estee Lauder powder easy to use? Estee Lauder is the world’s top cosmetics brand. Estee Lauder foundation make-up, SPF10 / PA + +, is a popular antioxidant star product. “Nourish” foundation make-up perfectly. It can maintain makeup for up to 8 hours without makeup.

The powder is light and delicate, and it is easy to create a transparent and flawless makeup effect. Estee Lauder powder is a first-class cosmetics. It can maintain makeup for 8 hours without makeup. It saves all kinds of trouble. Cosmetics feel very light, do not cause skin inflammation, do not feel pink on the face, and feel very transparent. The formula does not contain ingredients that cause acne, and is very friendly to the skin. Good oil control effect, moderate Concealer effect, transparent top, no sense of makeup. Very light powder, non flying powder, easy to extract powder, light and light in hand, friendly to skin, excellent uniformity. Instantly unifies the skin tone on the face, greatly enhances the transparency and luster of the skin, and makes the skin feel better in an instant! Estee Lauder transparent powder transparent transparent powder is a very fine powder that can improve the appearance of skin.

When it makes the skin surface smooth, it can also reduce the appearance of young wrinkles and smooth and bright skin. Create a delicate powder effect, make the powder smooth and burden free, but effectively cover up all minor defects and glow with natural beauty. The unique refreshing formula creates a perfect makeup effect for you. Pink, delicate, soft, light and transparent as air, it can maintain makeup effect for a long time and instantly present beautiful skin. Foundation make-up has a pleasant fragrance and a charming taste. This product is a classic fine powder, suitable for neutral and mixed skin, with oil control and moisturizing functions. The brand recognition is high. The powder is fine and smooth. When applied to the skin with pockmarks, the pockmarks are basically covered. There are only very light traces. The natural color transition is a better concealer. After make-up, the skin color obviously brightens, and the defect is almost invisible. The make-up feeling is very natural.

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