The method of white sugar washing face and removing acne marks is simple and practical

In summer, the oil secretion in the body accelerates. Many people don’t pay attention to their skin. Naturally oily skin starts to glow on their faces. The appearance of oil will quietly breed acne on their faces. Many people think that acne is difficult to eliminate. There is no way to remove acne after using all kinds of skin care products. Even if acne is removed, there are acne marks and various acne pits. In fact, acne is not difficult. It’s easy to get rid of it by washing our face and removing acne with sugar which we often use in our life.

1. Effect of white sugar

Sugar looks really small on the surface, but it has many functions. Many people eat white sugar at home because it is a condiment that can be used to cook, stir fry and make desserts. In addition to its function as a condiment, sugar has a great effect on ears, especially in terms of antioxidation, and it can also clean and soothe skin. The correct use of sugar to wash the face can remove facial oil, eliminate the breeding environment of acne, and effectively alleviate the generation and precipitation of acne marks. It is a skin care product.

2. Wash your face with sugar

When it comes to the use of sugar, the first thing to say is to wash your face with sugar. Sugar wash can effectively and directly relieve skin and eliminate acne, and it is very convenient to use. Just put the sugar in your hand and add a little water to melt it. Then put your hand on your face and wash it in circles until the sugar water on your face runs out. Then wash with clean water to remove all the sugar left on your face.

3. Sugar facial mask

If you want to remove acne on your face faster, you need to mix it with other methods. White facial mask is the best choice. The ingredients of sugar facial mask are not only sugar, but also pearl powder and protein, which are good for skin. Sugar can remove acne, acne marks and pits, and has multiple effects of soothing and whitening. The material is natural and safe.

What should I do with this mask? First of all, we should break an egg carefully and separate the yolk from the egg white. I only need the egg white part. When separating the two parts, do not let the yolk part break. After separation, put pearl powder and sugar into the egg white and stir. If it’s too thick, you can add some water. After blending evenly, you can directly smear the sugar facial mask on your face, but do not smear it near your eyes and mouth. After applying facial mask on the face for 15 minutes, rinse it off.

4. Precautions for white sugar use

Although white sugar has many advantages and people like to use it, we still need to pay attention to some things when using white sugar. For example, when using white sugar, try melting all the sugar and reusing it. Because sugar is granular, if you go directly to your face, it will damage fragile skin. In addition, after using white sugar, you must thoroughly clean your face, and do not leave white sugar on your face, otherwise it will cause adverse effects on your skin.

In addition, we should pay more attention to the frequency of using white sugar. We should wash our faces with sugar no more than twice a day. The better frequency should be twice a day. If you want to make the best use of sugar, you can wash your face with sugar first. Finally, we should control the time when we wash our face with sugar and apply sugar facial mask. Don’t take too long. Otherwise, the water will be absorbed in the opposite direction, resulting in lack of water on the face.

If you are a muscle with frequent acne, you may as well try to wash your face with sugar, and the effect may be unexpected. Even for people who are not prone to acne, it is good for the skin to use these methods occasionally.

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