Can white sugar wash your face dispel acne? Can white sugar wash your face dispel acne

Can sugar wash your face dispel acne? Sugar washing can’t dispel acne.

Acne is caused by endocrine imbalance and excessive oil secretion. Washing your face with sugar can not control the secretion of oil, nor can it help adjust the balance of water and oil and remove acne.

Sugar washing may lead to acne

Washing your face with white sugar may cause pore clogging, because white sugar belongs to particulate matter, which contains a large amount of sugar and is not easy to wash away. Residual white sugar will block pores and cause skin problems such as acne.

You can’t wash your face with sugar if you have acne

If you have acne, you can’t wash your face with sugar. Sugar, vitamins and other ingredients contained in white sugar will stimulate acne during rubbing and washing, easily cause allergy, aggravate the symptoms of acne and are not conducive to its recovery.

Benefits of white sugar washing face

Acne removing marks

Washing your face with sugar can help remove acne marks. The vitamins and sugars contained in white sugar can nourish the skin, promote wound healing, whiten the skin, and have a good effect on removing acne marks. Generally, when you need to wash your face, mix an appropriate amount of sugar in the facial cleanser, mix it evenly, and then rub and wash your face. You can focus on massaging the acne marks.

After cleaning your face with facial cleanser every night, put a small amount of sugar in the palm of your hand, add a little water, rub each other with the palm of your hand, until the sugar melts slightly, then apply it to your face, gently massage your face in circles with both hands, which can effectively remove acne marks. It should be noted that the storage location of white sugar should be kept dry and ventilated to prevent mites. It is not suitable for people with acne or those with acne.


Using the same method as removing acne marks can also remove cutin. Because the white sugar is granular, the aging cutin on the face can be removed by the friction between the white sugar and the skin. If the skin is sensitive, the white sugar can be melted into smaller particles, and then applied to the face. Pay attention to the gentle action. The granular friction will cause great damage to the skin. It can be done once a week.

skin whitening

Melt an appropriate amount of white sugar into warm water, wash your face three times a day, and use it for a week. You can feel your skin become white, tender and delicate. Your skin feels better and has a smoother surface.

Shrink pores

If there are obvious pores in the face skin, it will be devastating to people’s complexion. Buy some fine granulated sugar in the supermarket, mix an appropriate amount of fine granulated sugar with olive oil after washing your face, stick it on your face, gently rub and massage, and you can feel the shrinking of skin pores in about three days, and your skin will become more white, tender and shiny.


Scientists have found a polysaccharide called “molasses” in white sugar, which has a strong antioxidant function. Washing your face with sugar can effectively delay skin aging.

The disadvantages of sugar washing

Plugging pores

White sugar is a granular substance. If you wash your face with white sugar, you may also cause pore blockage while cleaning your skin. Even if you choose white granulated sugar with finer particles, you may also cause pore blockage. You can melt the white sugar into sugar water before washing your face.

Skin damage

Although white sugar can help to eliminate inflammation and kill bacteria when washing your face, its residual sugar is not easy to clean, which may cause irritation to the skin and cause skin damage. In addition, when you wash your face with sugar, you should also pay attention to the softness of your hand to avoid skin friction damage.

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