These taboos of whitening and freckling should be avoided

For female friends, long spots on the face are a very old thing. In order to delay aging, we must maintain our skin in time. But many people have gone into some misunderstanding when removing freckles. Today, Xiaobian will take stock of the misunderstanding of freckling, the taboos of freckling and the food for whitening and freckling. Let’s improve our understanding.

freckle removing mistakes

1. Freckle removing cream: it can cover but not eradicate color spots. Moreover, the content of lead and mercury in the freckle cream seriously exceeds the standard, which will cause great damage to human skin and even cause cancer.

2. Chemical stripping method: the acid mixture is used to corrode the skin surface to grow new skin, which is harmful to the skin and takes a long time to recover. It can not eradicate the pigment in the deep layer of the skin and is easy to relapse.

Compared with freckle cream and chemical peeling treatment, technologically advanced beauty projects, such as whitening needles, color light rejuvenation, laser freckle removal and other projects, are favored by beauty lovers because of their fast effect, short treatment time, safe treatment process and good effect.

Since these projects are so good, are they sure to freckle? Let’s take stock of the freckle elimination mistakes of these projects.

item: whitening needle

Myth 1: whitening needles are suitable for everyone

The whitening needle has a very significant effect on the whitening of face spots, dark skin, those who need to repair their skin, and those who have poor skin color due to irregular life. However, the effect on pigment problems caused by endocrine, such as melasma and melanoderma, is poor, so it is not suitable for whitening injections.

At the same time, pay attention to the contraindications of whitening needles: 1. Menstruation of pregnant women and girls; 2. Vitamin allergy; 3. Patients with diabetes; 4. Those with cardiovascular disease.

Myth 2: whitening needles can change your constitution

Most of the ingredients of the whitening needle are antioxidant ingredients, including glutathione, tranexamic acid and vitamin C. Glutathione helps the body to detoxify and also helps the body to resist oxidation. Tranexamic acid has the effect of inhibiting the formation of melanin and is used in many whitening products.

However, the whitening needle is not once and for all. It uses the principle of antioxidant to inhibit the formation of melanin, and cannot change a person’s own constitution. After the injection of whitening needle turns white, with the gradual production of melanin, it will return to the previous state. Therefore, after the whitening needle turns white, special attention should be paid to sunscreen and maintenance, and the whitening results should not be burned.

freckle removal contraindications

taboo 1: abuse vitamin C

Everyone knows that vitamin C is a good thing for whitening, and the human body cannot lack it, but its abuse will be harmful to the health of the body.

A new study shows that taking vitamin C pills as a freckle removing method may aggravate arteriosclerosis; Dwyer of the American Heart Association and others examined 573 middle-aged men and women who looked healthy on the outside. 30% of these people often took various vitamin C pills. Although the investigation found that there was no obvious evidence to prove that taking a large amount of vitamin C from food or taking multi vitamin pills every day did harm to health. But for those who took vitamin C pills, the walls of the large arteries in the neck quickly thickened. If you take more vitamin C pills, you will get thicker faster.

taboo 2: apply fresh plant facial mask directly to your face

Many beautiful women like DIY. It can be said that they love fresh natural products. All day long, a lot of strange things are smeared on their faces, but the effect is often flat. Melasma sometimes causes sensitivity, either itching or rash… The reason is that the toxins of unprocessed natural products have not been removed, and some allergens have not been separated from nutrients, So that the skin absorbs nutrients, toxic and sensitive substances at the same time without safety. A series of bad skin conditions will naturally occur. For example, the hot lemon has a high vitamin C content and a high acidity. If you are allergic, you should be careful.

No. 3: whitening without moisturizing

Skin care is inseparable from moisturizing. If a simple beauty product is used directly, it will not only directly stimulate the skin, but also cause dryness due to lack of moisture. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of moisturizing before skin care. Even whitening products with moisturizing effect can not directly replace moisturizing water.

taboo 4: pursue high sun protection

We will do sunscreen work when the sun is relatively hot. The ordinary sunscreen we usually use can achieve the sunscreen effect, but many people will choose sunscreen with higher magnification. This product is not necessarily good for human skin, especially the chemical ingredients in it will cause irritation to our skin.

taboo 5: focus only on the outside, not on the inside

Many people only pay attention to the external maintenance when they carry out beauty projects, but the internal repair work is not in place. Incorrect eating patterns in diet will also have a great impact on our skin quality. In addition to choosing the right maintenance products, our timely dietary supplements can also improve the skin and play a whitening and freckle removing effect.

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