How to whiten? What are the whitening methods after tanning

The residual heat in summer is still there, so we need to pay more attention to sunscreen at this time. A summer has passed, and many girls have tanned a lot, so many girls are anxious to come back in white. At this time, remember, never believe the lie that girls have good black skin. When you become the original white girl, you don’t think so!

about yellowing

I have also studied the problem of yellowing for a long time. This really depends on raising. Therefore, it is not good for those girls who always go to bed late. It is best to go to bed early. How can people not yellowing.

Many girls say that their skin looks yellow, which is the characteristic of Asian skin. As long as it is not other strange colors, it is normal. If you want to look better, you can only replenish your blood and look better.

barley milk

I have seen a leading lady with a very white complexion in the idol drama. There was an interview with her on TV. When the host asked why her skin was so white, she replied that she would drink barley milk. Now she can drink it too. After drinking it for about a week, her skin looks much whiter.

I also drank it a few times when I was free, and found that my skin was a little changed.

Production method: soak a handful of job’s tears in water for a few hours, then use a blender to pour in the milk and the soaked job’s tears, beat them into powder, and heat them up. If you have ready-made job’s tears powder, it’s also good to add milk directly.

Job’s tears are used to cook porridge, which is sold in supermarkets. The time of drinking is a little careful. Don’t drink it on an empty stomach. It is recommended to drink it after dinner, or eat some bread to cushion your stomach before drinking. Any brand of milk can do.

You don’t have to add milk, but you can add some lily. If there are no lilies, the effect of drinking only coix seed water will not be so good.


Those fruits that can turn white after eating should be eaten more at this time. The better ones are cherries, tomatoes and apples. If you have conditions, you’d better eat them every day and eat more, especially cherries. However, the price of cherries is not affordable at all, but their whitening effect is very good, so girls who have conditions should eat more.

honey flour

This method is also used by many girls who want to whiten, and the effect is very good. You can see a little effect after washing it once or twice, so it is true that flour can whiten. Add a little honey to mix it into a paste, apply it to your body, and wash it off later. Some girls have some small entanglements in the process of using this method, saying that flour will agglomerate. Well, yes, if you add more flour, it will agglomerate, So add some water appropriately, and the caking problem will be solved perfectly.


Many girls know this trick. When you take a bath, smear the milk on your body. After a while, when the milk is dry, rinse it with water. This method can only be effective if you persist for a while. But if you add some milk to take a bath, your skin will really improve, your skin will become moist, and of course it will turn white.

conclusion: in addition to relying on external skin care products, internal conditioning can not be ignored. Girls who eat more of the above foods can reconcile their internal organs, clear their intestines and detoxify, and certainly have an effect on whitening.

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