How to wash out fair skin? Women need to see more

What are the ways to wash your face? Why should you wash your face well? Washing your face is the first step of skin care, but it is also a very important step. If you know how to wash your face, you can have milk like white and tender muscles. How can you wash your face to whiten it? Next, Xiaobian will take stock of which methods will turn white after washing your face.

wash your face with milk

Milk contains rich whitening factors, which can not only whiten, but also improve rough skin and make skin smooth. However, it should be noted that after washing your face with milk, you should thoroughly wash the milk on your face with water to avoid milk residue blocking pores and forming acne or fat particles.

wash your face with rice washing water

Washing your face with rice washing water can also whiten your face, and in the past two years, washing your face with rice washing water has become more popular all over the world. Rice contains water-soluble minerals and vitamins, which are suitable for sensitive skin. Washing your face every day will not bring irritation.

wash your face with sugar

When washing your face, add a little sugar into the facial cleanser, then put it in the palm of your hand, rub it evenly, and then put it on your face until the sugar melts, then wash it with clean water, which can effectively clean pore dirt. After a period of time, you can see that your skin color is obviously brightened.

honey facial whitening

Honey is rich in nutrition. It is used to wash your face and has the effect of moisturizing and whitening. When cleaning your face, first wash your face with warm water, then take an appropriate amount of honey and rub it in the palm of your hand, and then massage it in circles on your face. If you persist for a week, you can obviously see that your skin has become white and delicate, and wrinkles have been weakened a lot.

wash your face with tea water

The tea polyphenols contained in tea have a strong antioxidant effect, which can maintain skin vitality, relieve skin, clean skin dirt, remove aged horniness and whiten skin.

wash your face with hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide contains a high concentration of oxygen and has a very strong penetration ability. It can remove dirt on the face and enhance cell activity. Applying hydrogen peroxide to the face also has the effect of whitening the skin. After cleaning the face, apply 30% hydrogen peroxide to the face with a towel for 5 minutes each time, 1-2 times a day, and use it continuously for 7-10 days. The whitening effect will be better.

It’s not difficult to whiten your face by washing. You can also have Aqua skin by mastering the above methods!

[quick whitening method]

1. Wash your face with warm water and then cold water, which can shrink pores and make them smaller, so as to achieve the effect of beautifying muscles.

2. Drink two glasses of water and add some salt when you get up every day, which can achieve the effect of clearing the intestines and stomach and beautifying the skin.

3. Before going to bed, you can apply cucumbers cut into small pieces to your face, and after a month, your face will have a whitening effect.

4. Don’t stay up late, eat less fried food, and keep your skin clean.

5. Drink more water during the day, drink less water at night, don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t stay up late, and keep your skin in good condition.

6. Applying a whitening facial mask before bed and eating more fruits can effectively whiten the skin.

7. After washing your face every night, you can pour Yakult on the cotton pad and apply it on your cheeks to whiten and remove freckles. Note that only one sixth of Yakult is used each time, and the amount should not be too much.

8. Apply cold tea bags to your eyes for five minutes, and the whitening effect will be effective if it lasts for a period of time.

conclusion: washing your face is the first and most important step of skin care. Only when you do a good job of cleaning, can you eliminate the garbage in your skin, which is also conducive to the absorption of external nutrients. Therefore, we must learn the correct way to wash our faces.

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