Can pearl powder whitening facial mask be used all over the body

Can pearl powder whitening facial mask be used all over the body? The whitening effect achieved by the whitening facial mask made of pearl powder is absolutely not inferior to all kinds of whitening facial mask purchased at ordinary times. Then, can pearl powder whitening facial mask be used all over the body? Come and have a look with Xiaobian.

1. Can pearl powder whitening facial mask be used all over the body

Pearl powder whitening facial mask can be used all over the body. But I can’t use too much.

There are three main effects of pearl powder facial mask. The first effect is whitening and freckling. Pearl powder can effectively dilute melanin, nourish and repair, and pearl powder is pure natural without side effects. The second effect is to remove acne and control oil. Pearl powder is dry, especially suitable for people with oily skin. It can help remove excess oil and help remove acne. The third effect is that it can effectively clear blackheads and promote skin regeneration.

2. Can pearl powder facial mask be made every day

Pearl powder facial mask can be made every day. Pearl powder facial mask is made of Pearl ground powder. It can be directly mixed with water or fruit puree, honey water, egg white, cucumber and other substances to make a facial mask. These substances are pure natural and do no harm to the skin, so it will not cause skin discomfort, so it can be used every day. Thereby playing the role of whitening. However, if your skin is dry and becomes dry after using pearl powder facial mask, you can stop using it for one day.

3. Side effects of pearl powder facial mask

3.1. Skin is less and less sunburnt

Cognition is beautiful: stimulate the dermis, whiten, freckle and exfoliate.

It has only been more than ten years since fruit acid entered the beauty industry, and it was first proposed by American doctors. At that time, doctors only found that it could peel off people’s epidermis, so they “pushed the boat with the current” and extended a set of biological theories to meet people’s desire for beauty, such as stimulating dermal metabolism and regenerating tender skin. It is also cited as the existence of “God’s hand” in whitening. New technologies such as fruit acid skin changing are emerging in an endless stream, giving countless mm countless hopes.

3.2. Heavy metal poisoning

There is no basis for applying pearl powder to whiten in nutrition, but the effect of unifying skin color is achieved visually through delicate pearl powder. Moreover, it is a mineral, which is afraid of heavy metal residues, which may cause damage to the body.

3.3. Varicose veins and even poisoning

There is no scientific basis for lymphatic detoxification. Lymphatic circulation is an important part of the body’s circulatory system, but it is impossible to completely eliminate toxins through simple hand massage guidance. Importantly, improper lymphatic detoxification will cause lymphatic circulation disorders, varicose veins, water and liquid stasis in tissues, and even the risk of poisoning.

usage of pearl powder

1. Apply face to remove spots

First, find a used beauty bottle or a small cup, first pour some pearl powder into the container, and then mix it with a small amount of milk. In order to prevent the pearl powder applied on the face from falling off in time, add a little honey to it, and the amount should not be too large, otherwise the pearl powder will not be evenly applied on the face. Then, wash the face with warm water, evenly apply the adjusted pearl powder mixture on the eyelid, and massage the freckles for a while to promote blood circulation and promote the absorption of nutrients by the skin, which is very important for freckling removal. Wash it off with warm water after 20 minutes. Do your best before going to bed every night.

2. Materials for treating skin allergy and acne

About 4G pearl powder, egg white. Stir and stir. Try to apply it thicker, or it will dry out quickly. I applied it with a spoon, ticking as I applied it. Haha, it sounds disgusting ~ ~ wash it off in 15-20 minutes, and then the skin will become very smooth. There is no other feeling, so it needs to be done for a long time

3. Pearl nutrition cream (can be used as foundation make-up)

Clean your face with warm water, then pour half a pearl powder and fully blend it with daily skin care products, evenly smear it on your face, and gently massage it.

self made whitening facial mask

1. Soy milk residue whitening facial mask

Material: fresh soybean dregs

How to do it: take out fresh soybean dregs from the soybean milk machine and apply them evenly on your face, keep them for 15-20 minutes, and finally gently massage them to exfoliate, and then wash them with warm water.

2. Fresh milk white facial mask

Material: a small cup of fresh milk

Practice: steam your face, fill the cotton pad with fresh milk, apply it on your face for about 15 minutes, take it off, and wash the milk on your face with water. (in summer, you can also put fresh milk in the refrigerator and apply it cool, which will be more comfortable.). Long term persistence can make the skin white and even.

3. Cucumber moisturizing facial mask

Material: fresh cucumber

How to do it: peel and squeeze fresh cucumbers, evenly apply them to the whole face, or take cucumber slices and stick them on your face for 15-20 minutes. Fresh cucumbers can help promote blood circulation and effectively lock in moisture. It is mild in nature and can be used every day.

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