How do goddesses effectively and quickly whiten and protect skin

As we all know, Fan Bingbing’s skin is very good and white. Even her skin without makeup is better. She is still bright and white in the crowd. Moreover, she is also a maniac who applies facial mask. It can be said that as long as she has leisure time, she is making facial mask. From this, it can be seen that her skin is not good and white. So many little fairies have begun to imitate her, making facial mask at home every day, However, some people have the opposite effect because of this, and it is really too late to repent. This is why, in fact, these misunderstandings must be avoided on the road of whitening.

myth 1: do your best to prevent melanin production at the bottom of the skin.

diagnosis: the dark forces accumulated in the stratum corneum will affect the whitening effect

correction: if you want to be “clear, bright and transparent”, it is not enough to blindly inhibit the productivity of melanoblasts! Because part of the melanin rapidly generated under the stimulation of a large amount of ultraviolet rays, if it cannot be smoothly metabolized and discharged by the skin, will form a “black force” in the cuticle of the epidermis. The latest research found that it should be combined with the skin rejuvenation combination of exfoliation or acid containing compounds to remove the old and waste epidermal substances, and the use of whitening series of makeup removers and cleansing products also has the step of gently “cleaning” the skin every day.

Myth 2: apply the facial mask every day until there is not a drop left.

diagnosis: twice a week, 10 minutes each time is enough

correction: a simple and convenient facial mask like instant noodles can provide short-term quick whitening. Although it concentrates the maintenance essence like chicken soup, it is enough to use it twice a week for salon level skin care because of the limited amount of food the skin can eat. The time limit is 10-15 minutes. If it is applied for too long, the skin moisture will evaporate, but the skin will become dry.

myth 3: piles of whitening products, but no bottle of sunscreen products

diagnosis: sun exposure is the primary cause of your ineffective whitening, and oxidation resistance and sun protection must go hand in hand

correction: the whitening care products I bought seem quite effective in the early stage of use, but they seem to be getting darker later. According to the analysis of dermatologists, the biggest reason is that I only try to whiten, but I don’t care about sunscreen. My skin continues to be stimulated by ultraviolet rays of the sun. Of course, my previous efforts have been wasted.

myth 4: I firmly believe that the higher the concentration, the better the whitening effect.


correction: if you blindly pursue high concentration, if it cannot be absorbed by the skin, the effect will be reduced, and you will have to face possible irritation and injury. I used whitening maintenance products, but the effect was not good. The new trend is to wrap the formula with a carrier similar to the cell structure, so that the appropriate concentration can be easily accepted by the skin and play a deep role.

myth 5: focus on quick results

diagnosis: take your time, or make Baijing more lasting and gentle

correction: quick whitening meets the desire to become snow white in a short time. It is especially suitable for people who are impatient, have high expectations, or have to attend important occasions, but relatively face the risk of possible skin irritation. If you only want to moderately and imperceptibly improve the whiteness of the whole face, the gradual whitening with mild plant-based formula will be a good choice.

myth 6: thinking that full face whitening products can lighten spots

diagnosis: for deep and dense spots, you need to use more powerful special products for lightening spots

correction: most general whitening and care products are designed to suppress melanin melanin distributed throughout the face; However, the spots are accumulated by several melanoblasts, which can only be improved with double effort. The high concentration formula plus exfoliating effect is designed to be small, convenient and accurate, and can only be effective.

myth 7: I always like to follow the fashion, and I will never miss whitening fresh goods.

diagnosis: develop smart countermeasures against melanin, focusing on effective matching with the series

correction: dermatologists say that they often see people coming to their door with a bunch of maintenance products, and they simply can’t figure out what they should use? Nowadays, whitening advertisements are all clamoring for “the most effective way to cut off melanin production”. It is impossible to know whether the action purchase will cause anti sensitive stimulation if it is used by the Eight Power Allied forces, but it will only hurt the wallet. It is recommended to read more media information reports first to clearly understand whether the way the brand appeals to deal with melanin meets its own needs. Remember that each way of intercepting melanin has its own strengths. Whoever is closest to the core of the problem or corresponds to your skin condition must be screened and considered. It is absolutely not feasible. In addition to the main essence, if you want to buy other matching maintenance products such as lotion, cream, facial mask, lotion, etc., the same series is the most brainless economic combination.

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