How to effectively whiten skin? How to effectively whiten skin

I believe that black skin is undesirable to all girls. So what is the reason for black skin? How should we whiten? Let’s have a look today.

What is the cause of black skin?

1. Ignore sun protection

The reason why the skin turns black is that the melanin on the face has been formed, and the biggest reason for the production of melanin is ultraviolet rays. If sunscreen is neglected in life, in the long run, even white and tender skin will be damaged by ultraviolet rays, forming melanin precipitation and gradually turning black and color spots. Therefore, we must do a good job in sunscreen in life.

2. I don’t like drinking water

Nowadays, in the era of electrical appliances, radiation is everywhere. Especially office workers have to face computers every day. Air conditioning will lead to skin quality deterioration, resulting in dark skin and dark skin. Therefore, if you want to have fair skin, you should drink more water, replenish water for your body skin, and maintain skin metabolism.

3. Disordered work and rest

More and more people in life have disordered work and rest, and irregular work and rest habits will not only hurt various skills of the body, but also be the biggest killer of skin darkening. Insomnia at night is our skin repair time. If your work and rest are disordered, your skin’s automatic repair ability will also decline, the skin’s blood flow will slow down, and even the melanin formed by condensation will precipitate, resulting in skin darkening.

4. Non exfoliating

There is a layer of horniness on our skin, which can protect our skin and hurt our skin. The life of horniness generally only lasts for a week. In a week or so, new horniness will regenerate. If the old horniness is not removed in time, it will age. The melanin that will be formed on our skin for a long time will cause the skin to become dark and dull. So if you want to whiten your skin, it’s time to exfoliate it regularly.

How to effectively care for the skin and make it white?

1. Skin cleaning

If the cleaning is not in place, the detoxification channel is blocked, the skin can not be nourished, and the skin is easy to turn black. It is important to choose a deep-seated cleanser, which can be used with massage to promote cell metabolism.

2. UV protection

Try to avoid going out from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in summer, when the ultraviolet rays are strongest and most harmful to the skin. When going out, try to wear sunshade hats, umbrellas, sunglasses, sunscreen sleeves and sunscreen to protect the skin.

3. Wash your face with milk

Milk contains rich whitening factors, which can not only whiten, but also improve rough skin and make skin smooth. However, it should be noted that after washing your face with milk, you should thoroughly wash the milk on your face with water to avoid milk residue blocking pores and forming acne or fat particles.

4. Make up removal should be done well

If you make up for a whole day, the skin on your face must be extremely dry, so you should do a good job of removing makeup after you come home. Never take residual makeup overnight, especially the most important eye part. You must carefully clean it up and try to clean it with cotton swabs so that residual makeup dirt can not hide.

5. Dietary regulation

Eat less food rich in tyrosine, because tyrosine is the basic material of melanin, such as potatoes and sweet potatoes. Eat foods rich in vitamin C to block the formation of melanin, such as wild jujube, fresh jujube, tomato, Rosa roxburghii, citrus, and fresh green leafy vegetables.

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