Several easy and effective ways to whiten the face

As the saying goes, “one white covers three ugly”. Many women want their skin to be white and tender, but some women’s skin is not so white. What are the ways to whiten their face? Many women want their skin to be white and pure to look good. Not only in their own understanding, many people think that white and pure women are good-looking, but the reality is cruel. Many women’s skin is yellowish, and there is no way to whiten. The following Xiaobian will introduce some small ways to whiten their faces. Let’s take a look.


Women are made of water! Adults should ensure that their daily water intake is not less than 2000ml, especially the arrival of winter makes their skin drier and their skin needs to drink more water. In addition, you should apply a Hydrating Facial Mask 2-3 times a week, so that the applied facial mask can be fully absorbed, eliminate melanin in the body, and achieve the goal of whitening.

honey massage

Every time you wash your face, wash it with warm water, then pour a small amount of honey into the palm, rub it slightly with both palms, and then smear the honey on your face, massage your face in circles from top to bottom, so that your skin can slowly absorb it. After massage, wash with clean water and apply some nutritional skin care products appropriately. Long term use of honey massage and facial washing can keep the skin white for a while!

eat more bean products

Eating more bean products can also whiten your face! For example, soymilk, milk and other foods rich in various vitamins and minerals, because these foods have good beauty and beauty effects, and are holy products for skin whitening.

sun protection

Don’t think that after summer, sunscreen products will start to be put away. Although tanning is a matter of minutes, sunscreen is a matter of life. You don’t deserve to say you want to whiten if you don’t get sunscreen. Therefore, in addition to applying sunscreen, you should also carefully choose a sun umbrella. It is recommended that girls do not go out to expose themselves to the sun. If they want to go out, they should also make preparations before going out. A sunscreen and a small flower umbrella are essential. It is recommended that girls use sunscreen applied all over their body, and apply some wherever they see light, so as to avoid the embarrassment of uneven skin color. It is also a kind of care for the whole body.

mild vinegar water whitening facial skin

Light vinegar water whitening can be done by adding a few drops of white vinegar to the cleaning solution that is usually used to clean the face, and mixing it with the cleaning solution to evenly smear it on the face. But remember to massage the face properly after application, so that the effective ingredients can be absorbed into the face skin. After massage for about 5 minutes, wash it off with water. This can make the skin white and smooth at the same time!

eight glasses of water a day

Eight glasses of water every day, unremitting, without interruption, can help you eliminate toxins in your body, light your posture, and have the effect of beauty and beauty. Your skin is tender and tender. First of all, start with drinking water.

apply whitening and Hydrating Facial Mask

Applying whitening facial mask is mainly aimed at facial whitening, which is the most effective method of facial whitening. In addition, you can also try cucumber facial dressing, which is a popular beauty method, but it has proved to be effective after repeated trials.

Xiaobian conclusion: if you want to whiten your face, you may as well try the whitening methods described above, which can whiten your skin very well, and these methods are simple and easy to learn. At the same time, you can also whiten and protect your skin, with good results. Try the whitening methods described above quickly, so that your face can be white, tender and smooth, and you can be a white, tender and tender beauty. I hope the contents described above are helpful to everyone.

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