How to whiten: girls need to know these skin care methods

How to protect skin, in order to let women have snow-white skin, it is very necessary for women to care for their skin. Many women want to turn white, but they have failed all the time. This can only show that you have found the wrong way. Today, Xiaobian will look at the skills of turning white with you. Starting from life is the most correct move.

How do women turn white

1. Avoid going out from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

If you don’t have to go out, avoid going out from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., because at this time, the ultraviolet rays in the sun are the strongest and the damage to the skin is the worst.

2. Wash your face with white vinegar water

People with oily skin can use a small spoonful of white vinegar and warm water to wash their faces to whiten their skin. Doing so can make the thick stratum corneum thinner and softer, so that their skin is not only white but also more delicate. When washing your face with white vinegar, remember not to be greedy for too much and too fast. Excessive use will burn off the stratum corneum and make your skin very thin.

3. Honey water

Because lemon is rich in vitamins, lemonade is a good beauty product, which can prevent and eliminate skin pigmentation and play a whitening role. Of course, it can not only whiten, but also lose weight and improve its own immunity. A cup of warm boiled water in the morning, plus one or two slices of honey lemon and an appropriate amount of honey juice, can ensure that the skin is white. Of course, if you drink it at night, your face will be whiter in the morning, and the whitening effect will be better!

4. Supplement vitamin C

Vitamin C can inhibit oxidation and prevent pigment precipitation, so if you want to whiten, you must supplement vitamin C. you can eat more fruits rich in vitamin C or take vitamin C tablets.

these fruits have good whitening effect

1. Kiwifruit

Kiwifruit is known as the “king of fruits” and also the “holy fruit of beauty”. It is rich in vitamin C and vitamin E, which have the effect of removing freckles and whitening. Beat kiwifruit into juice, put it in the refrigerator for refrigeration, take it as you like, and replenish whitening energy for your skin at any time! Although kiwifruit has a first-class whitening effect, it is cold in nature. People with deficiency of spleen and stomach should not eat it more.

2. Lemon

Lemon is a beauty product, which is rich in vitamin C and calcium, which can effectively improve and whiten the skin. A glass of lemonade every day can easily have white and transparent skin. The whitening effect of candied lemon slices is also great! Simply pickle lemon slices with sugar. Put it in the refrigerator for about half an hour, and the flavor will be better~

3. Apple

The protein and minerals contained in apples can strengthen the anti-oxidation function of skin and promote the moisturization and whiteness of skin. Regular consumption of apples can also improve skin acne, freckles and dark spots. Apples are mild in nature and can be applied directly to your face. The pure natural and pollution-free apple facial mask helps you have beautiful skin!

4. Strawberry

Strawberry contains a variety of fruit acids, vitamins and minerals, which can enhance the elasticity of the skin, whiten the skin and moisturize the skin.

conclusion: we still need to pay more attention to how to maintain our skin. In fact, in addition to some daily whitening work and diet, if a woman wants to whiten, she must do a good job in nursing to avoid falling short of success, especially in sunscreen. Everyone must pay attention to it, so that your beauty will not be deducted.

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