How to do daily skin care to brighten the skin color? The three major methods of beauty and skin care have good effects on brightening the skin color

When a woman reaches a certain stage, she will encounter various skin problems, such as the most common skin darkening problem. I believe that every woman loves beauty. Female friends all want to be whiter. If the weather is not beautiful in the house, her skin will become darker and yellower. So what can I do to improve her complexion? Skin care is indispensable. Today, experts recommend some skin care products for whitening.

Each has different effects, but the effects are significant. Let’s choose skin care products that are suitable for ourselves.

1、 Whitening + detoxification suitable for people: office “yellow faced women” who often face computers 1. The compound effect of aboutme lemon detoxification cream Detox Capsule and lemon ingredients can strongly remove old and waste horniness and restore the pure essence of skin.

The nutritious cream massage and gentle and moisturizing essential oil massage can completely remove stubborn old and waste horniness in two stages, effectively improve skin quality, and make skin feel smooth and delicate.

Without adding any artificial pigment, artificial fragrance and other harmful substances, it can gently remove old and waste cutin, and can be safely used for sensitive skin.

2. Su: M37 ° breath whitening and detoxification oxygen bubble facial mask oxygen bubbles can eliminate old wastes and pollutants in the deep pores.

It is a facial mask with detoxification and whitening functions.

The facial mask contains fermented ingredients naps (n-acetylphy-toshingosine) and acaiberry with excellent anti-oxidation effect, which can make the skin bright, white and transparent.

Purslane extract can make skin comfortable and calm! After fermentation, grape seeds produce fine bubbles, deeply clean and remove old wastes in pores, with excellent oil control effect and a clean and whitening face.

3. Autili grape seed brightening and whitening facial mask contains autili’s patented ingredient grape vine vinifillin, which can kick away tiredness, smooth rough skin and improve skin transparency.

It can clean the skin, refine pores and make the skin glow.

After use, the skin is fresh and delicate, bright and new.

4. Otili cleansing and turbid facial mask makes the skin damaged by pressure glow again in the urban environment.

The grape pomace can help the skin purify deeply, accelerate drainage and resist oxidation; Pink mineral mud can remove impurities, absorb oil and fine pores; Papain can improve skin quality and even skin tone.

2、 Whitening + moisturizing suitable for people: the “yellow faced woman” with dry skin. 1. Pola Ba Aurora mirage essence has palace level luxury quality, creating a new era of anti-aging.

Turn the traces of years into the “autophagy cycle” of skin radiance Taking the mechanism as the breakthrough point, pola’s original moisturizing ingredient “sweet tea essence” promotes the activity of cell autophagy cycle, improves the decomposition speed of old wastes, increases the generation of Aurora particles, and makes skin transparent and shiny from the inside out.

2. Snow skin essence lotion is a moisturizing and whitening lotion that helps skin maintain the moisturizing balance of horniness in various environments, effectively regulates and fully moistens skin, and makes skin more bright, white and elastic.

Prevent the formation of dark spots and color spots caused by sunlight.

Ensure that the stratum corneum is kept in an ideal state, deeply moisturize the stratum corneum and promote the whitening ingredients to play a role. It contains five kinds of Chinese plant essence to instantly improve the skin’s transparency.

3. Orbin health water contains the essence of job’s tears, the essence of Buckeye extract and a variety of precious plant ingredients. A small bottle combines the essence of heaven and earth, bringing the most perfect care to the skin: whitening, deep moisturizing, narrowing pores, anti-inflammatory, calming, adjusting skin metabolism, promoting blood circulation and absorption of nutrients, reducing the generation of fine lines and activating cells.

3、 Whitening + anti-aging suitable for people: the “yellow faced women” whose skin is beginning to age 1. Shiseido yueweibo jade plastic whitening essence blocks the formation of “mature age class”, so that the skin can once again have the autonomy to exclude melanin, regenerate whitening power, stretch and moisten the compact, transparent and flawless white skin, which is the eternal beauty you dream of. You will have it at your fingertips.

Shirdbuilderwt, a breakthrough melanin barrier rejuvenation formula, deeply blocks the formation of deposition spots and locks in the youthful beauty of skin; Synergetic multi effect anti-aging whitening essence VPB can tighten and lighten spots, leaving skin elastic, moist, even and transparent! 2. Keyan’s vitamin C Firming Essence milk: the skin experts of Keyan’s use the pioneering “fat soluble” technology to stably store 10.5% pure levo vitamin C contained in the essence lotion. Therefore, the anti-aging energy of levo vitamin C can be effectively exerted, achieving the five major effects of weakening fine lines and wrinkles, brightening dark skin tone, helping skin to resist oxidation, stimulating collagen production, and smoothing skin texture.

3. IPSA Yinfu yarn self-regulated circulation skin beautifying liquid R series can effectively improve the problems of rough skin, keep the skin healthy and beautiful, penetrate the cuticle of the skin, and feel fresh and comfortable..

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