Eight little things can win a woman’s heart: give her a hug

give her a hug when you are upset.

Women appreciate the “attentive man”. When she is upset, giving her a hug and handing her a piece of paper towel are all expressions of thoughtfulness and help to bring the relationship closer. A study has found that the smell of sweat on men can also make women feel relaxed.

open the door for her gentlemanly

Psychologist Dr. Diana Kishner said that in the pursuit stage, many women want men to behave in a romantic and gentlemanly manner. She is fully capable of moving a chair or opening a car door by herself, but her hesitant performance is actually expecting you to be a gentleman.

put on her favorite clothes.

Dr. Kishner said that from love at first sight to married life after the honeymoon, men should understand the “appetite” of the woman in terms of dress and dress, and cater to her. If she likes tight jeans, wear tight jeans. In addition, an interesting psychological study found that in women’s subconscious, men wearing red clothes are more powerful, attractive and sexy, so it is advisable to try on a red coat when dating.

confession on a clear day Yi Cheng Gong

A new study has found that on sunny days, women are more likely to accept the approach and love of strange men, and will gladly provide their mobile phone numbers. However, in cloudy weather, this possibility is obviously low. The study also found that other environmental factors, such as fragrant smell, romantic music and certain specific colors, help people ask for phone numbers or express success.

frankly admit mistakes

Dr. Kishner said that men who are self-motivated, thoughtful and sensitive can best capture women’s hearts. Women like men to frankly admit their mistakes and try to correct them.

listen to her feelings

When there is trouble, what women need is your ears, not advice. Men are born to solve problems and often give suggestions. However, most women are more emotional, and listening to their lovers is one of the best ways to deepen their feelings. Of course, in the process of listening, nodding is not enough. You should also look at each other, make eye contact, and properly show understanding. She will think that you really understand her.

respect women’s sex slow fever

Dr. Kishner said that in terms of sex, men love fast and women love slow. Women want more time for verbal communication and foreplay such as touching with love. Only when things come naturally can sex be more romantic. Therefore, men should not act too hastily. In addition, a woman appreciates the man’s initiative to take sexual protection measures. She thinks that this is a protective act of concern and will increase her sense of security.

the more compliments, the better.

Women like to be praised, and the more the better. If she wears a sexy skirt or has a new hairstyle, praise her loudly, so that your relationship will be closer while she is happy.

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