Proper exercise can relieve fatigue

six types of fatigue:

1. Mental fatigue: it is mainly seen in mental workers. Because of the long-term complex mental work, a large amount of energy is consumed, resulting in insufficient blood and oxygen supply to the brain, which weakens the normal function of brain cells. It is manifested as dizziness, memory decline, insomnia and dreaminess.

2. Psychological fatigue: is caused by the high-intensity tension and pressure in modern life. Due to the overload of mental burden, the psychology is in a state of confusion and restlessness, such as depression, depression or anxiety.

3. Physical fatigue: it is often seen in manual workers. It is caused by heavy physical labor or excessive sports. The performance is weakness of hands and feet, and the whole body can be significantly reduced.

4. Sexual fatigue: that is, when sexual life has not started or is in progress, there is a feeling of fatigue, and more men often have fatigue symptoms after sexual life.

5. Chronic fatigue: if you are a worker, toil all day, and often work overtime, then you feel tired all over after you go home, and you sleep with your head covered. When I wake up, it’s another day’s sprint. Then you may be confused by “chronic fatigue”. Many years ago, the first case similar to cold symptoms was found in the United States. Later, it was officially named “chronic fatigue syndrome”. From a medical point of view, it is a disease of severe fatigue caused by overwork or exercise.

6. Hidden fatigue: breathing disorders and allergies may affect sleep and make people feel exhausted. Anemia and thyroid disorders make many women not only sleepy, but also have symptoms such as chills, constipation and depression, and generally feel lazy and do not want to move. Depression patients may also show fatigue, as well as poor mood, hostile behavior or loss of interest in past favorite activities.

how to alleviate fatigue

How to say goodbye to fatigue on getting rid of chronic fatigue syndrome, sports medicine experts believe that exercise is the most effective, because it can relieve pressure and reduce fatigue, because it can move muscles and bones, relax muscles that are less active at ordinary times, and eliminate local fatigue. And sports is precisely the lesson that modern people lack most. They rely on transportation to go out, elevators to go upstairs and downstairs, and have no chance to exercise. Being “four bodies and one’s laziness” has become a common disease of modern people. What’s more, many people have never been in the habit of active exercise, and their energy consumption is concentrated on work every day. No wonder their physical fitness is getting worse.

Therefore, it is recommended to take at least one hour of physical activity every day, such as climbing stairs, walking or cleaning. An average of one hour of exercise every day can prolong the life of more than two hours.

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