I really regret turning down the diamond king


Hello! This problem has bothered me for 10 days, and I haven’t been able to get rid of it.

One month ago, my colleague introduced me to a diamond old man with an asset of ten million. He was eight years older than me and was as tall as me. He was 168.

At the beginning of contact, I can see that he likes me very much. He talked about his investment plan and would like to take a vacation with me.

After I went home, I thought about it briefly. I didn’t like his height very much. The next morning, I told a colleague about it. My colleague’s husband and I used to be friends. I also wanted to listen to my colleague’s suggestions, but she was more sarcastic. For example, she said that he was very vulnerable, retreated at the touch, male chauvinism, and had never been in love. Even if he had talked about it, he didn’t pay much. It was better to find a divorce than that.

She suggested that I send a text message to politely refuse if I didn’t like it. It happened that he sent me a text message to greet my body, and I politely replied with a few words that “I feel more suitable to be a friend”, and then we didn’t contact again.

Two weeks later, I realized that there was moisture in this colleague’s words, and she was more jealous. In addition, she knows us both, and we met this time through someone else’s introduction. She is afraid that both of us will complain about her. Why didn’t she introduce us to each other long ago.

In short, her psychology is complicated, and my decision is too hasty. So I took the initiative to send him a text message to invite him to dinner. As a result, he replied, “don’t listen to other people’s advice. You and I should have our own ideas at this age. Let nature take its course, and let the past pass.” I didn’t know what to say, but I always felt that there was a misunderstanding in his words. I contacted him on my own initiative. I thought deeply and didn’t listen to anyone’s advice.

During this period, my father was also angry, so I still want to explain it. After 10 days, I took the initiative to send him a text message to tell him that I rejected him because he was surrounded by his acquaintances, said everything, and was under great pressure. I still admire him and feel regret.

As a result, he replied, “I believe in fate. In the past, we had no fate.” I said that we should be friends. He said, “well, there is no pressure to be friends, and lovers are different.”.

The next day, the jealous colleague took the initiative to call him again. He didn’t know what to say. He didn’t even want to be a friend. He said that he had no time. He was too busy. As soon as I was in a hurry, I said directly, “they said you had a problem, but I didn’t believe it, so I wanted to be a lover with you.”

As a result, he replied, “you feel so good about yourself. I don’t want to have any contact with you. If others say bad things about me, it’s a step down for you.”. It can be seen that he always resents my original refusal, which makes him lose face in front of his friends.

In order to save my dignity, I told him: “at the beginning, people around me slandered, so I was rash. Others said bad things about you first, and didn’t give me any steps. We were just played around by our friends, and I don’t want them to see jokes. It’s you who should reflect!”

When he learned about it, he replied: “I will think more about things in the future, and learn a lot from my mistakes.”. I said to him, “don’t tell your friend, that is, my colleague, what I said. I’ve become a gossip.”

He replied, “think twice before you act. I don’t have any contact with them. I don’t know some of them. I don’t have that leisure. Don’t worry.” This is the end of the matter, but it has been bothering me. I’m to blame for this mess. Teacher, can you give me some advice after reading it? thank you!


Hello! Whether it is the gossip of others that makes you refuse the other party, or your dissatisfaction with the height of the other party that makes you refuse the other party, the final result is the same. Moreover, if you analyze it in depth, you will believe the gossip of your colleagues only if you are not satisfied with the other party, so it is probably unfair to completely blame your colleagues.

The tighter a woman pursues, the better. Especially for a proud man, it may lead to more contempt. If the other party has no intention to entangle with this matter, whether it is his male chauvinism, fragile feelings, or misunderstanding you, you’d better give up after trying to explain the ineffectiveness.

What you think is chaotic is actually not chaotic at all, but you know a diamond prince. You think that the relationship between the two sides can not continue because of the obstruction of villains. You want to clarify the “misunderstanding” during the period, but the other party does not buy it. As adults, we should understand that if some misunderstandings can not be clarified, it is better not to depict them more and more. You really missed a love opportunity. It’s better to think carefully about why you made such a mistake. Besides the jealousy of your colleagues, there may be other reasons.

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