Inventory 7 unexpected causes of fatigue

With the acceleration of the pace of life and work, many people will complain about working too much and not getting enough sleep, and think that this is the reason why they feel tired. But in fact, some small things in daily life may consume your energy. Russia’s “mailbox news” network took stock of seven unexpected causes of fatigue.

1. Insufficient drinking water

Even a slight dehydration can affect your feeling and vitality. Lack of water will cause insufficient blood supply, faster heartbeat, slower absorption of nutrients, and a minimum amount of blood will flow into important organs of the human body, including the brain.

2. Iron deficiency

Weakness, fatigue, irritability and inability to concentrate are early signs of iron deficiency. The reason is actually very simple. Iron deficiency means insufficient hemoglobin, which will lead to insufficient oxygen supply to organs and tissues. Experts suggest that people should eat foods with high iron content, such as animal liver, egg yolk and nuts. If necessary, consult a doctor to check the amount of hemoglobin.

3. I am used to making a mountain out of a molehill

This harmful mentality will consume a lot of your energy. If you still worry about being “fired” one month after you make mistakes in your work, and keep thinking “don’t happen again!”, Then you have no energy to do other things.

4. No breakfast

Breakfast will determine your nutritional metabolic activity and self-esteem in the next day. It’s easier to get tired if you don’t eat breakfast. The best breakfast is vegetables with carbohydrates, such as buckwheat porridge with vegetable salad or stewed meat.

5. I can’t say “no”

If you want everyone to think that you are good and meet everyone’s requirements, you are bound to feel tired. So before agreeing to meet, offer help, or just contribute your time, ask yourself, “do I really think so?”.

6. Surf the Internet at any time

Checking e-mail, making phone calls, going to the social network and so on all consume your experience. If you are “online” 24 hours a day, your body will have no chance to rest regularly.

7. Read electronic books before going to bed

If you have the habit of reading before bed, it is better to read paper books rather than e-books. The reason is that the blue light stimulation on the screen of electronic products will lead to insomnia, which makes the quality of sleep significantly decline.

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