Are you at risk of fatigue?

Researchers from the Japanese Institute of public health have made a detailed study on the high incidence of “overwork death” in Japan. From the perspective of prevention, they listed 27 symptoms and factors of overwork. The researchers believe that more than 7 of these 27 symptoms and factors, that is, those at risk of excessive fatigue, and more than 10 of them may cause “death from overwork” at any time. At the same time, those who account for more than two items in Items 1 to 9 or more than three items in items 10 to 18 should also pay special attention. These 27 symptoms and factors are:

I often feel tired and forgetful.

2. The drinking capacity drops suddenly, and I don’t feel good even if I drink.

I suddenly feel old.

4. The shoulders and neck are stiff.

5. Insomnia due to fatigue and depression.

6. I’m upset and angry at a little thing.

7. Often have headache and chest tightness.

8. Hypertension and diabetes occur, and ECG test results are abnormal.

9. Sudden change of body weight and “General belly”.

10. I eat and drink almost every night.

11. Drink more than 5 cups of coffee a day.

12. I often don’t eat breakfast or eat at irregular times.

13. I like fried food.

14. Smoke more than 30 cigarettes a day.

15. I often don’t go home at 10 pm, or after 12 pm.

16. One way commuting takes more than 2 hours.

17. I haven’t sweated during sports in recent years.

18. Feel good and don’t see a doctor.

19. Work more than 10 hours a day.

20. I work on Sundays, too.

21. I travel a lot and only stay at home for two or three days a week.

22. There are many night shifts and irregular working hours.

23. Recent job transfer or job change.

24. Promotion or increased workload.

25. There has been a sudden increase in overtime recently.

26. Interpersonal relationship suddenly goes bad.

27. Recently, there have been many work mistakes or disagreements with colleagues.

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