What are the whitening methods for skin tanning? Five tips to whiten tanned skin quickly

Skin is inevitably exposed to ultraviolet radiation in daily life, especially in summer, strong ultraviolet radiation will lead to a lot of darkening. If you need to whiten your skin in time, what are the small whitening methods? The following experts will introduce some whitening tips to help you whiten your skin easily and whiten your skin. Let’s have a look.

1、 Exercise your face in addition to the basic skin care procedures, you can also exercise your skin at home.

When applying skin care products every night, moisten the toner with a large piece of makeup remover cotton, and then gently pat the skin for about 50 times. This will not only promote blood circulation, stimulate cell vitality, persist, but also make the skin more shiny than before. Compared with massage, it will also cause less irritation.

2、 Antioxidants for external use – green tea, pomegranate, coffee beans – are all powerful skin care ingredients.

Many dermatologists suggest using antioxidant skin care products containing these ingredients to help prepare the skin for free radical damage.

First use antioxidant skin care products to directly apply them to the skin with lotion, and then apply sunscreen after use, which is foolproof.

3、 Use no less than half a teaspoon of sunscreen. There is no doubt that the most important measure to combat dull complexion and skin aging is to use broad-spectrum sunscreen every day.

But some people just don’t like it, either too sticky or too oily and uncomfortable.

Now, the new sunscreen has solved the above-mentioned bad feelings.

If you are not sure about the dosage, remember to find a small teaspoon, which should be filled with half a teaspoon.

4、 Start with a new anti-aging whitening product, a cold mist humidifier, which can avoid pumping moisture from your skin in a dry environment.

Change a rain head water filter to filter out excessive minerals and magazines in the water, which can help you protect the natural lipid layer of your skin and hair.

Major brands have also launched new anti-aging whitening products for internal and external use, so that your maintenance can be more effective.

5、 After regular exfoliation and exfoliation, the skin will be very shiny. As long as you rub on the repair and moisturizing face cream in time after washing, it will not turn red and dry.

Using the particle scrub every few days can maintain the delicate touch of the skin, which is the same as letting the skin make-up every day breathe.

The most common problem we encounter is that we often forget to exfoliate. A simple and easy suggestion is to input “exfoliation” into your Calendar Reminder column, about twice a week.

Beauty has always been the nature of women, and the pursuit of fair skin is unstoppable, especially for those women who need to be exposed to the sun frequently. If you want to whiten your skin, try these whitening methods described above, and they will have good results. Let’s have a look.

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