She had a successful career and was about to get married, but she cheated on me

letter from netizen:

Hello, you are kind-hearted and sharp in observing problems. I admire you immensely. It’s like a long dry grass waiting for sweet rain.

Let me tell you my story. Please prescribe the right medicine. Thank you very much.

I have a girlfriend who has been with me for nearly six years. We have been together in College for three years and graduated for three years. We got along well in college and depended on each other. We originally agreed to get a marriage certificate at the end of last year, but my own ideas are very mischievous. I think I should make some achievements and marry her in a better way. The conditions at home are OK, but I still hope to work hard. Therefore, the time for obtaining the certificate was postponed to June this year, and the family’s grandparents passed away in June, which was delayed again. So at the end of June, my girlfriend proposed to break up with me, very seriously. I’ll be right back, trying to redeem this relationship. We continued to get along for a week, but she was still unwilling to continue. Although we lived in the same room this week, we had different beds in the same room.

We have been in the same city for a long time, but in the second half of last year and the first half of this year, we separated because we were looking for jobs in other places. When we met, it changed from being in constant contact with each other every day to seeing each other only once every two or three months. But I was purely sick. I suggested that since she was not together, she should not make too many calls and text messages. So we were contacted by one or two SMS messages a day and one phone call every two days. I remember now that I’m really not a human being. It’s cruel to leave a girl at home and ask her not to contact me. It’s really not a thing. This year, a colleague came to her company, probably in March. Later, I learned that he had a girlfriend, and we talked about it for a year and a half, but we were separated from each other.. After he came to my girlfriend’s company, he was more concerned about her, both public and private. So the time went on for a long time, and I didn’t contact her much, which made her decide to break up.

Now my heart is very painful, because after this incident, I know that I love her very much from the bottom of my heart. I can’t imagine the day without her. One month has passed, and it should be said that things have calmed down. I still think that if I don’t recover this relationship in the end, I won’t consider a new relationship until I am 30. Looking at her photos and some objects left by two people, I often fell into deep thought.

After spending a week with her roommate in a different bed, she persuaded me to develop my career, saying that even if we want to be together, we must have a material foundation. She said that other people have been out of school for three years, and they also have houses and cars, and I haven’t had anything yet. In order to make her calm and show that I have begun to consider her opinions (in the past, I was relatively male chauvinist, and most of them listened to my ideas), So I left her city and went to other cities to do business.

Now the situation is that I’m not around her, so I can only send messages. Even when I call her, she sometimes doesn’t like to answer. And there are people in her company who may continue to care about her (although after this incident, I went to beat the male colleague, who didn’t admit to his face that he meant that, so I shook hands with him, saying that if it wasn’t a misunderstanding, I would show my support later, but if it wasn’t a misunderstanding, I would let him get the punishment he deserved). I’m afraid the trend of things will be unacceptable to me. However, I was afraid that she would not accept the embarrassment or discomfort I had with her day and night. She said that if I came back, I would move out of the house we rented before. I am very contradictory, uncomfortable, confused and painful. Little Dragon Girl, please help me and tell me what to do? I know now that I love her very much. I can’t do anything without her.

If you can, please help me.

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