What protective equipment do you need to learn roller skating

1. What protective equipment do you need to learn roller skating

A complete set of protective equipment for roller skating should include: helmet, elbow, knee and palm. High quality protective equipment emphasizes the requirements of covering, ventilation, shock absorption and firmness.

2. Function of roller skate protector

Helmet: most people may feel that they don’t need to wear a helmet, but they need to know that the head is the most important but fragile part, and they should take the best protection to rule out any possibility of injury. In addition, there are stunt knee guards. The design of these knee guards meets the needs of those engaged in stunt wheel blade sports, such as U-shaped plates, sliding rods, stairs, jumping, etc., providing higher coverage, larger area protection and better shock absorption.

Elbow protection: this part is easy to be bruised by carelessness, especially when practicing some advanced movements, such as backward sliding, and is injured due to unskilled.

Knee protection: whether you are a beginner or an experienced roller skater, your knee is the part with the highest landing probability and the greatest impact when you fall. If you don’t wear protective equipment, you will be easily injured.

Wearing roller skates

When wearing shoes, first put your feet into the shoes. After confirming that the soles of your feet are fully implemented, buckle the buckles on the roller skates. If the roller skates are Velcro stickers, open the Velcro stickers and paste them so that they can fully cover your feet. If the roller skates are laces, tighten the laces from the front end and tie them into a loose knot. If so, then tighten the fixing belts to a suitable state,

Palm protection: beginners often cause wrist sprains or palm abrasions due to improper support actions when slipping; Roller skaters may occasionally get bruised. Wearing palm guards can avoid these unnecessary injuries.

3. How to choose children’s roller skating protective equipment

In fact, the principle of choosing roller skating protective equipment for children is very simple: “absolute safety, not excessive waste”, and the most suitable is the best.

Generally, there are six roller skating protective devices, three pairs, namely a pair of wrist guards, a pair of elbow guards and a pair of knee guards, but excluding helmets. The main indicators for selecting protective equipment are: the thickness of protective equipment shell and liner; Fastening degree of protective equipment; The protection area of the protector, etc. Because of the reasonable design of the shell radian of advanced protective equipment, when a child falls, the shock absorption experience of the protective equipment is much better than that of ordinary protective equipment. There are many types of protective devices on the market, mainly including the following three types:

This kind of protective equipment is mostly given away when buying roller skates, and it is also very cheap to buy, about a dozen to 30 yuan, and the price in the mall is between 20 and 30 yuan. The protection performance of this type of protective device is very poor. From the perspective of the protection ability of vertical direct impact on the ground, the protection performance is very poor because the inner cushion, that is, the inner liner, is very thin; If the child falls down and slides out, because of its poor fixation, the protector is very easy to fall off, so it can not play a protective role.

No matter what kind of ground you slide on, as long as you fall, this kind of protector can’t guarantee that your child won’t fall. Therefore, Xiaobian strongly recommends that you don’t use this kind of protector for your child!

Benefits of children’s roller skating

1. Exercise

Children’s curiosity and learning ability are very strong. As a fun outdoor activity, pulley learning for children can exercise the balance and flexibility of the body, the coordination between the brain and various parts of the body, and the fast and accurate movement reflection. It can effectively improve and avoid problems caused by poor development of children’s sports intelligence, and promote the development of children’s cerebellum.

2. Enhance self-confidence

There are many types of pulleys, and the playing methods are also diverse. Children’s learning pulley will make them feel at ease. When they learn an action or make progress, they can enhance their self-confidence, generate self satisfaction, cultivate their studious spirit, and help develop their good psychological quality.

3. Cheerful personality

In the process of learning pulley, many children will recognize small partners with the same interest. Communication and play with partners in the process can not only cultivate children’s communication ability, but also share experiences with each other, so that children can have an outgoing, cheerful and good at sharing personality from an early age, and children can experience the happiness and training in life through pulley.

Precautions for children learning roller skating

1. Self protection consciousness. When children learn pulley, they should take protective measures. Because pulley may accidentally fall to the ground due to imbalance or poor control of the body, children’s limbs and joints are relatively fragile, and they should wear protective tools at important parts, such as knees, hands and heads.

2. Pay attention to the occasion. Nowadays, children learn pulley in public places, such as communities, squares and other places. There may be sand, sharp objects, puddles and so on in public places. Therefore, children should pay attention to places when learning pulley and try to contact with flat and open squares to avoid accidents.

3. Replenish energy. Since learning pulley is a relatively energy-consuming exercise, it is important to supplement body energy, especially water. You should drink boiled water and avoid taking supercooled water. Because people’s body temperature is about 37 ° C at ordinary times, it can rise to about 39 ° C after exercise. If you drink supercooled water, it will strongly stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, cause spasm of gastrointestinal smooth muscle and sudden contraction of blood vessels, resulting in gastrointestinal dysfunction and indigestion.

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