How to avoid heatstroke by running in summer

1. How to avoid heatstroke by running in summer

1.1. Ensure adequate sleep. Because of the long days and short nights in summer, and the high temperature, the human body has a vigorous metabolism and is more prone to fatigue. Adequate sleep can relax the brain and body systems, which is not only conducive to running and fitness, but also an important measure to prevent heatstroke.

1.2. Avoid exercising in the hottest time of summer. It is better to exercise in the morning and evening. In hot summer, you must pay attention to time when running outdoors. Don’t exercise at noon when the sun is strongest and the sunshine is strongest.

1.3 before running, you must remember to bring a bottle of water. Sprinkling some water on your skin will help evaporate and dissipate heat.

1.4 if you must run in the sun, remember to wear a sunshade hat and sunglasses, which is very important to prevent solar radiation. Wear light colored, breathable and loose fast drying fabric clothing.

1.5. Pay attention to the body’s reaction, especially sweating. If dizziness, nausea or fatigue occur, stop exercising and seek help.

2. Run in summer to avoid heatstroke, and wear appropriate clothes

Running clothes with good air permeability and moisture absorption. Replenish water even if you don’t sweat. After a long time of exercise, replenish salt while replenishing water; Pay special attention to cooling your body in humid and muggy weather.

Here, I also want to remind those runners who wear airtight clothes and sweat to lose weight, whether they are girls or men, it is incorrect. If you run with your sweat covered in such a hot weather, you will easily become dehydrated, and you will not be far from heatstroke.

3. Run in summer to avoid heatstroke, and replenish water correctly

Oral water replenishment. I believe everyone can drink this! However, it should be noted that you must not wait until your mouth is dry to replenish water. At this time, you have actually entered a dehydrated state. You should hydrate your body as early as possible during running. Moisturizing through the skin: simply put, this method is to apply water to the body, so that the skin can directly absorb water and directly reduce the temperature of the skin surface. In addition, when running in hot weather, it’s best to slow down or choose a morning or evening with a low temperature.

How to deal with heatstroke in summer

1. Immediately move the patient to a ventilated, cool and dry place, such as a corridor or under the shade of a tree.

2. Let the patient lie on his back, unbutton his clothes, take off or loosen his clothes. If your clothes have been soaked with sweat, you should change clean clothes, turn on the fan or air conditioner at the same time to dissipate heat as soon as possible, and replenish cool drinks containing salt or inject glucose physiological saline.

3. Use physical methods to reduce the temperature as soon as possible to lower the body temperature below 38 ℃.

4. If the patient is conscious, or is conscious after cooling treatment, he can take mung bean soup, light saline and other heatstroke relieving food or drinks; You can also take Huoxiang Zhengqi water and other antidotes; The comatose can be needled at Renzhong, Shixuan and other human acupoints. Serious patients should be sent to the hospital for treatment. In clinical practice, scraping, cupping and “grasping tendons” often have immediate effects.

What food do you eat after heatstroke

1. After heatstroke, eat more porridge to relieve the heat.

Eating more porridge food after heatstroke is a traditional health care method in China, which is very good for the body. Porridge for heatstroke prevention includes mung bean porridge, lotus leaf porridge, fresh lotus root porridge, raw reed root porridge, etc. It can also be boiled into porridge with 15 grams of cassia seed, 15 grams of white chrysanthemum, 60 grams of Japonica Rice and rock sugar as cool drinks in summer and autumn. In addition, add appropriate amount of white heart sweet potato and mustard into japonica rice to cook porridge for consumption, which has the effect of relieving summer heat and sweating.

2. Drink more heat clearing soup after heatstroke.

After heatstroke, people sweat more and lose more body fluid. Drinking more soup at this time can not only replenish water in time, but also help digestion and absorption. The best soup to drink is mung bean soup, which is cool and has the effect of clearing away heat and relieving summer heat. Mung beans can also be made into mung bean soup with mint, mung bean pumpkin soup with pumpkin, mung bean rice kernel soup with rice kernels, and mung bean silver flower soup with honeysuckle.

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