Take a cold bath to treat depression? This foreign netizen tried for a week, and the result was

As the saying goes, “if you want to be healthy, take a cold bath every day”. People have always praised cold bath. Xiao Jiu heard that it can cure mental illness. But is it really the case? A foreign netizen named Nick Greene was also curious about the authenticity of this statement. In order to find out the truth, he also made an experiment by taking a cold bath in the morning for a week.

here are his experimental results:

1. Become highly concentrated

Nick Greene said that he has a habit of thinking while taking a bath. The hot shower can relax his body, so that he can think for a long time. Bathing is just a mechanical action, and his spirit is running away. When you take a cold bath, you can’t think about other things at all and concentrate on your body and senses.

It may be short to take a hot bath for 2 minutes, but every second of the cold bath becomes long, especially when cold water is poured on your body, it feels like someone grabs your collar and throws you into a frozen lake. It is no exaggeration to say that just 15 seconds feels like eternity.

Of course, tension is not the main theme of cold bath. When his body adapted to the temperature of cold water, he began to try to change his tension. When the shoulders contract unconsciously, they straighten and relax the tense muscles; If you are short of breath, slow down your breathing and deepen your breathing; wait. What remained unchanged for two minutes was that his mind was always focused on taking a cold bath.

2. Feel full of power

It is estimated that after 2 minutes of washing, Nick Greene turns off the shower, eats breakfast, writes memos, and begins to prepare for his day. He felt that he was full of motivation, in a great mood, and his efficiency in doing things was much higher. It seems that taking a cold bath in the morning will really make the whole day better.

3. Forced summoning willpower

The feeling of taking a cold bath the next day was not much different from that of the first day. The difference was that he was more worried and reluctant. In fact, what he likes is the feeling of hope after taking a cold bath, and he does not enjoy the process of taking a cold bath.

But there was no way. In order to have a beautiful day, he had to summon his strong willpower to insist on taking a cold bath. As of August 30, he had taken a cold bath for a week and said that he would continue to adhere to it.

benefits of taking a cold bath

It can be seen that folk rumors are not all nonsense. In fact, for most people, taking a cold bath is good for their health.

psychologically: help combat negative emotions

Cold water bath sounds terrible, but the temperature of water is only slightly lower than the temperature. Relevant researchers believe that cold water bath once or twice a day can help alleviate depression. It is theoretically believed that cold water can activate the sympathetic nervous system to release endorphins, produce a certain sense of happiness, make people feel refreshed, actively resist negative emotions, and eliminate depression.

physiologically: fitness and disease prevention

1. Improve immune function

Taking a cold bath belongs to muscle cold stimulation therapy. Cold water bath can improve the function of the central nervous system, improve the adaptability of the body to cold stimuli and the ability of the body to regulate body temperature, and enhance the cold resistance of the human body. The probability of catching a cold will be greatly reduced.

2. Enhance vascular elasticity

At the beginning of cold water bath, blood vessels will contract sharply and blood will flow back to internal organs. However, after two or three minutes, the body adapts to this temperature, and blood will be redistributed and returned to the skin epidermis. The whole process is like “Gymnastics” for blood vessels, which can not only enhance resistance, but also enhance the elasticity of blood vessels, reduce arteriosclerosis and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

3. Make skin elastic

Bathing with cold water stimulates the contraction and expansion of microvessels and pores, and wastes in the skin are more easily washed away by water. It can not only promote metabolism, but also make the skin tight and elastic, and the skin will appear healthy and rosy color.

4. Enhance digestive function

If you take a cold bath, the blood circulation in the abdominal cavity will accelerate, and the peristalsis of the intestines and stomach will also accelerate, which helps to enhance the digestive function and has a certain auxiliary treatment effect on chronic gastritis, gastroptosis, constipation and other diseases.

5. It may prolong life

Let’s take Chairman Mao as an example. At that time, Chairman Mao was old enough to live to 83. One of the reasons is that he insisted on taking a cold bath for 40 years. Of course, this needs to be confirmed by further research.

correct opening method of cold water bath

In order to maximize the benefits of “cold therapy”, we should learn the correct method of cold water. Only in this way can we exercise scientifically and learn to protect ourselves while exercising.

1. Step by step

Everything should have a process of adaptation. If a person who has been taking a hot bath suddenly takes a cold bath, something may happen. So, I need to go over it slowly.

Step one, rub. First, do a “warm-up” exercise, rubbing the skin and joints with your hands until your body is slightly red and hot.

Step two, wash. Water should be poured on the limbs first, and then the chest and back should be flushed after a few minutes. It is best to rub while flushing.

Step three, wipe. Wait until the whole body is drenched, wash for 2-3 minutes, take a towel to dry the body, and then rub the joints to prevent arthritis.

2. Pay attention to water temperature

The temperature of cold water bath should not be too low. It should be within the range of 5 ℃ – 20 ℃, and the body should be able to adapt. If the temperature is too high, it is not a cold water bath, but a warm water bath. Too low temperature is the inducing factor of arthritis and chronic gastroenteritis. The pores on the body surface will suddenly close and the blood vessels will suddenly shrink. The heat in the body cannot be dissipated, and it is easy to feel weak limbs and sore shoulders and knees after washing.

3. Control time

Bath time is determined according to water temperature:

If the water temperature is below 10 ℃, the indoor flushing shall be controlled within 5 minutes, and the outdoor flushing shall be controlled within 1-2 minutes;

If it is below 20 ℃, it can be properly extended to 10 ~ 15 minutes. It is necessary to rub the skin, move the limbs, and dry the clothes immediately after coming out of the water.

Set the bath time according to the exercise time:

Cold bath time exercise should start in summer and be carried out consistently throughout the year to have effect. The time to start cold water bath is 2-5 minutes, and can be gradually increased to 10-15 minutes later. Cold bath exercise after getting up in the morning is the best.

4. Self feeling

If you feel refreshing after washing, it shows a good effect;

If you feel chilly after washing, shorten the shower time or raise the water temperature;

If there are symptoms such as skin whitening and dizziness, stop immediately to avoid accidents.

people who are not suitable for cold bath

Hypertension patients: such people will have higher blood pressure if they take a cold bath, which may be life-threatening in serious cases.

Coronary heart disease patients: the reason is the same as above. In order to avoid accidents, it is better not to take a cold bath.

Arthritis patients: rheumatism, sciatica, arthritis and other patients take cold baths, which will aggravate the pain.

Patients with itchy skin: to avoid bacterial infection, do not take a cold bath during the onset of the disease.

People on an empty stomach and after meals: an empty stomach will cause insufficient blood supply to the brain, resulting in dizziness and even fainting.

Women in menstruation and pregnancy: taking a cold bath will cause amenorrhea, abdominal pain and other problems. In ordinary times, the water temperature should also be avoided from being too low.

People after strenuous exercise: for example, take a cold bath carefully after popping, exercising and working. Wait until your body returns to normal.

In addition, people with cold allergy, skin wounds that have not healed, weak constitution and fever are not suitable for cold water bath.

To tell the truth, Xiao Jiu was also forced to take a cold bath to drop silver. Maybe it is also related to the low number of colds in recent years! But don’t force it. There are hundreds of ways to exercise, and taking a cold bath is just one of them. If you have tried and thought it was a good kiss, you should persist!

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