Women get up so angry! It only takes 5 moves to overcome

Some studies say that women get up more vigorously than men, and they need to sleep longer. However, getting up Qi is really not a good thing. It not only destroys one’s mood, but also sometimes brings many contradictions. So, for a man, what if he has a woman who gets up angry?

are women more angry to get up than men

A recent study by British scientists found that women’s “get up gas” seems to be more violent. They found that women need more sleep than men. If a woman doesn’t get enough sleep, she will suffer more mental and physical torture than men. In addition to increasing the risk of heart disease, depression, mental illness and excessive body inflammatory response, women who lack sleep will produce additional coagulation factors in their blood, which will eventually lead to stroke. Because the level of inflammatory reaction is too high, women will clearly feel the pain inside their bodies after waking up, which is enough to make them angry.

On the other hand, the rising Qi is not fixed and may change for some reasons. For example, the following three reasons will aggravate my rising Qi.

1. Behaviors that disturb the physiological rhythm before going to bed, such as drinking coffee, hangover, long-term vigorous exercise, staying up late, etc., will not only aggravate the rising Qi, but also affect the mood and work efficiency of the next day;

2. The sleep environment is poor, too bright, too dark, too cold, too hot, too hard and too soft may affect, and the sudden change of sleep environment will also aggravate this situation. 3. When you are awakened in rapid eye movement sleep, the REMS peripheral system and the motor system are active in sleep, and the intensity of the physiological signal in REMS is obviously stronger than that in NREMS, and you are directly in a high wake-up state without going through the process of elevation, It’s normal to have anxiety or even emotional disorder.

In this way, if you are around a woman who gets up angry, you have to be careful every day. If you are not careful, you may be scolded bloody. So, how can we solve the problem of getting up gas?

teach you 5 moves to get rid of getting up

1. Take a warm bath

Taking a warm bath for 10 minutes at night can promote blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, naturally usher in sleep and help you sleep well. However, it should be noted that the bath water temperature should not exceed 40 ℃, otherwise it will backfire.

2. Smell fragrance essential oil

Lavender, rose, chamomile and other essential oils all have sleeping effects. However, if the dosage is large and the aroma is strong, it will have a negative effect. It is recommended to put a few drops on the pillow towel before going to bed. After waking up, you can smell citrus essential oil, which helps to clear your mind. Smelling citrus fruits also has a similar effect.

3. Put a glass of water at the head of the bed

Put a cup of hot water in a thermos cup at the head of the bed before going to bed, and drink it after waking up in the morning. It can stimulate the gastrointestinal tract to start working after a night’s rest, send out eating signals, and the human body will wake up accordingly. Pay attention not to drink cold water, which will be harmful to the gastrointestinal tract for a long time.

4. Be jealous

Eat vinegar at dinner or drink fruit vinegar after taking a bath. Acetic acid can neutralize lactic acid, which causes fatigue and tension of the human body, help relax and help sleep. But remember to gargle and brush your teeth before going to bed, otherwise you will not stand the vinegar smell.

5. Set a music alarm

People who like to set the alarm clock can choose the music they usually like to listen to as the alarm clock. It is better to have a cheerful rhythm, which can stimulate the brain to wake up.

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