Uncover ten types of men most hated by working women

1. Smell man

Men are lazy, understand, understand, but they don’t understand when they are lazy. If a man considers himself to be a strong person and the backbone of social interpersonal communication, then his own image is particularly important. It is not required that everyone should look like chow yun fat, but out of respect for all aspects of work, he should at least be clean and generous. But some men’s hair is twisted, their clothes are shiny, and they pass by and smoke down. It’s really terrible. It’s difficult for colleagues to get close to them, let alone work together. From one extreme to the other, the results may be the same. Some men may push the smell to the other end too hard – the aroma smokes people. As a very rational public place, the office should not have such a stage like smell.

2. Intolerant men

It’s not too much for men to be self-centered, because they need too much to carry alone, so it’s reasonable to pay them some power. Everything is afraid of excess. It is very dangerous for men to exert themselves beyond their level. Work is a group activity, and it is difficult for one person to complete it independently. Then tolerance, mutual support and mutual understanding have become the basic platform for successfully completing the work. Some big men have a pocket heart. They will not let go of any friction or misunderstanding with their colleagues and try to retaliate. This behavior will only push careful men into the abyss of isolation.

3. Long tongue man

It is often said that long tongued women are very annoying. I’m afraid that if you put long tongued women in a man’s mouth, you need to add the word “more”. However, some men have this hobby. They always inquire about the privacy of their colleagues. If they can’t get it, they will make arrangements indiscriminately, causing unnecessary misunderstandings among colleagues and disrupting the normal order of interpersonal relations.

4. Bragging man

Talented men deserve admiration, so men are trying to move in this direction. Some grumpy men have adopted the hormone type quick fix method of “bragging”. In the office, they talked about their relationships, abilities, conditions and capital, and described success stories in a typical way. Of course, I usually end my speech in a sound of “hush”. This ridiculous move has greatly affected my work image and reduced the trust of colleagues.

5. A man out of the world

People in life are not like people pictures in newspapers, which can exist on the edge, but need to have their own space, especially in social communication. However, some men are too close to their peers in work communication and occupy the reserved space of others without permission. For example, they habitually put their faces close to the faces of female colleagues and put their hands on the back of their chairs, which destroys the distance of regular etiquette communication and makes it difficult for female colleagues to remind, He also felt disgusted and affected the work process of both sides.

6. A complaining man

It is common to encounter difficulties in work, and women begin to learn to face them soberly, but some men choose to criticize in all directions. Complain that leaders are not considerate, colleagues are not supportive, and customers are demanding, but they never think about their mistakes, let alone how to solve problems. Psychologically speaking, it is beneficial to physical and mental health to speak out the bitterness. However, the health of others will be affected by aimless complaints on inappropriate occasions.

7. Cowardly man

As soon as a man approaches the office, he starts to work, just like a game machine with coins put in, which exerts super energy in a short time. If this game machine suddenly stops, it must be a coin called cowardice that has been put in by mistake. Timid, afraid of things and hiding in the corner will only attract the contempt of leaders and colleagues. Even if some sympathy will be given, no one will put in coins for him. The above is only a part of the views of some women, but it is worth affirming that if a man has all the above 10 points, I think he no longer needs to work.

8. Too stingy a man

Colleagues get together, visit each other, and organize activities together are also common emotional contacts in various units. Men are often the core strength of every friendship activity. As for activity funds, democratic and fair payment schemes such as rotation or equal sharing are usually adopted. But some men actively participate in activities and fully enjoy delicious Entertainment, As for the expenses, they solved them in the principle of “you are embarrassed to mention my warm welcome, you are brave to put forward and I am brave to refuse”. Men’s frugality is worth affirming, but men who are easy to take advantage of and too stingy will only be kept at a distance.

9. A man who openly obeys but secretly disobeys

Although it is not easy for a man to climb the high tower of his career, it is unwise to adopt a deviant way of dealing with the world. Although the double-sided approach of openly obeying and secretly violating will be effective in the short term, it will be riddled with holes after a little time. Let alone the high tower, I think it is difficult to stand firm even on the flat ground.

10. Orange man

Women love humorous men, men who are too humorous, and women can’t love anything. In the office, banter during work breaks can ease the tense working atmosphere and make everyone happy. However, men who are constantly talked about in yellow jokes will not only pollute the air, but also bring some disturbing embarrassments.

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