The 7 types of women that men love most

1. A self respecting woman

In such a fast-paced era, one night stands have been regarded as an alternative fashion.

What exactly do people want, just physiological needs? As a higher level creature than animals, man should not evolve to such a degree with the development of the times. When a good woman meets a man she likes, she should get along with him first, understand whether the other party is suitable for her, and then go with the deepening of her feelings. A woman who goes to bed with a man casually, may I ask the men, do you dare to marry such a woman home??? Therefore, when you meet women who respect themselves, you should take good care of them. There are too few such women.

2. A responsible woman

In the modern era when only men have a sense of responsibility, women should also have a sense of responsibility.

Many women are with men for power, profit, money and potential. They just use their feelings and bodies as a tool to exchange what they want. If such a woman is with you today for something, she will leave you another day for something else. Do you dare to take such an irresponsible woman? A good woman should be responsible for herself and others, and have self-control in the face of money.

3. A thoughtful woman

The pressure of modern society is increasing. Men have already borne a lot of great pressure when they work outside. A thoughtful woman should be able to share some pressure for men, at least have her own career and life value, and not blindly depend on men. Women will learn a lot in social life and pressure, so that they will become more and more mature, charming, strong and brave. Thoughtful women have self-control in front of money. Yes, who doesn’t love money? But money doesn’t mean everything. Can you buy true love? If love and marriage are only based on money, can they be trusted? When wealth and honor were gone, she went with them. Therefore, thoughtful women understand what they want, rather than blindly chasing fame, wealth and money.

4. Love men and love their own women.

Women who don’t love themselves will not love you. Many women pay a lot for the people they love in love, but ignore their own existence, and in the end, they get abandoned by men. From a certain point of view, men’s change of heart is the result of women’s habit. Men are always full of curiosity. No matter how much love they have, men will only think it is right and will not cherish it for a long time. So smart women love themselves first, love their bodies, love their looks, and constantly update and change their appearance, so that men can always be interested in themselves. When meeting such a woman, a man can’t even think of pain.

5. Women who have their own space and give men enough space

Such a woman has her own friends. When she is unhappy, she can talk to her friends. She does not have to throw all her troubles to her other half. It is the so-called bystander. She also has her own friends of the opposite sex, but she knows her relationship with him very well. She doesn’t need your worry. She will clearly grasp the boundaries. She will give you enough space, you have your freedom, and she trusts you. Support you in your career.

6. Upper hall, lower kitchen

Although it is an old tune, no matter how the society develops, men still hope that their wives are bright outside and have a delicious meal when they return home. But it’s not easy for women to do this. So women, come on! Such women care about you and take care of you. Of course, I will give you face when I am out.

7. With the woman who loves you

She may not be the most beautiful woman, the most temperament, or the most intelligent, but he must love you the most. She will take care of you when you are sick; Listen to your vent and complain when you are worried, and give you encouragement; Give you selfless care and maximum help when you need her. Maybe she’s a bit nagging, but that’s because she loves you!

Men, when you meet a woman with the above characteristics, please cherish her. Not all the characteristics may be satisfied. Pick out the three points you care about most. When she meets these three points, she is the person you most deserve to cherish in your life.

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