Who dares to marry a sexy woman

never marry a sexy woman.

Fox 30 years old marketing

I resolutely don’t marry a sexy woman for the simple reason that I have a slight “heart disease”, and the disaster brought by a sexy woman will make the heart bear an unbearable burden.

I have the right to speak on this matter. A few years ago, I fell in love with a sexy girl obsessively, and there was no peace from now on. I was afraid that those disciples would loosen the soil for the famous flowers around me, check my lover’s mobile phone like thieves all day long, and when I came across inexplicable text messages or ambiguous messages, my heart was like being punched by Tyson.

When I went out to have dinner, my sexy and famous flowers were as seductive as silk, and attracted the thieves on the table. This made me so angry that I thought that I risked a heart attack, but in the end I served others — I dare not marry!

After I broke up with the sexy girl who induced my heart disease, I reviewed myself, didn’t hurt myself for the enjoyment of appearance, married a wife, or found a person with good conduct and simple and stable appearance, because I am not a playboy.

Playboy can find a sexy girl, so that two people can spread their madness and don’t care about each other.

But is that love between men and women? I don’t think so.

of course I’d like to marry a sexy woman.

Zhang Tao, 33, programmer

Sexy women are generally more confident. If they have a little more talent, the men who fall under their pomegranate skirts will be spectacular.

But when you ask them if they want to marry such a woman, most people will choose to be silent. Why? In a word, I feel inferior.

They knew that they could not control such a woman for a long time, so they had to retreat to the second place and have fun for a while.

However, I am really proud of having a sexy and talented wife. Although I spent a lot of time chasing her in those years, my winning in the end also proves that my comprehensive charm can not be underestimated.

No matter how sexy a woman is, there are also fragile moments behind self-confidence and virtuous moments behind charm. God has sent such an excellent woman to you, but you are afraid to accept it. It only shows that you are shallow in talent and learning, limited in ability, and have no luck.

In fact, a sexy woman is not necessarily dangerous. On the contrary, because she knows that many men dare not want it, she may be more virtuous.

A sexy woman is a beautiful scenery in the street from a distance, and a dazzling rose in the room from a close view. To marry home is a qualification certificate given to you by God to recognize your ability and charm.

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