Irresistible temptation of sexy back

I have seen several popular Korean dramas in the mainland, and I think there is an interesting feature of Korean dramas. In the dramas, the male protagonists have backgrounds, and the female protagonists have beautiful backs.

A woman’s back can evoke infinite associations of men. In fact, what moves a man is not his back, but his breath and feelings during the period. A woman’s back can convey a lot of information to a man: elegance, meekness, or a slightly strong woman’s frailty??

The back is the birthplace of a woman’s aura, and the charm of a woman’s back is unique to the human body. What a woman’s back gives a man most is not the visual impact, but the influence and touch of a woman’s inner aura.

Some men told me that almost all men have experienced following a beautiful back across the streets. He believes that the beauty of a woman’s back is implicit and intriguing. The beauty conveyed by her back is more mysterious and an extension of sexuality.

Some people say that the most intriguing sex appeal has always been beyond vision, formed inside and formed outside. That kind of charm hidden in the bone is the most provocative sex appeal. Once there was a painter who spent his whole life with blurred eyes and stuck his brush on the back of a woman who “passed the branches of a tree without hanging a thread” because he didn’t want to face the helplessness and embarrassment under direct vision, and his back brought him profound peace and endless imagination.

The beauty of a woman’s back is implicit and intriguing. You can know a woman’s accomplishment and taste from the color of her back skin, and you can also feel her emotions and preferences from the “expression” conveyed by her shoulder blades and spine. You can even understand her unwillingness to disclose her feelings from the curve on her back, and imagine and appreciate the feeling of “wonderful” in the aftertaste.

You can imagine her wavy eyes from the languid wriggling of her back; From her shrugged shoulders, describe her bright and flowery smile; You can even feel her melancholy and daydreaming from her slender neck; From the waist line of her reclining side, her sleepy charm is outlined; From the ten fingers that she lightly put on her shoulders, I moved my love for her. This mystery conveyed by the back allows the sexy tentacles to extend.

The famous painting “a woman taking a bath” only sees a woman’s back, but what is filled in front of her is a woman’s charm, style, coquettishness, flavor, demeanor and demeanor.

A woman’s back can always trigger a man’s implicit and amorous stories, and the sexiness of a woman’s back also seems to be tongue tied, which makes a man want to stop.

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