Sultry, sexy under a lady

sullen flowers are quietly blooming

A sexy new term, sullen, comes lightly with a new and cutting-edge spirit, tapping the pulse of the city with a fluttering attitude. 

sultry, new women’s self praise

The popular TV series “I want to be in love” is warmly pursued by the vast audience. Many viewers frankly said that one of the highlights of the play was the sultry women played by Jiang Wenli – elegant and implicit on the surface, and sullen in the heart all the time: ambiguous eyes, hard to get behavior… Let’s take a look at the details of sultry women in real life.

The beauty of women is multi-faceted. From ancient to modern times, many writers have analyzed it according to their own understanding, and derived the concept of beauty with a long meaning: tenderness, charm, loveliness, elegance, lady… Nowadays, a more obscure and far-reaching new term “sullen” should be born, which makes women excited and men sigh: it is too scarce to use “10000 kinds” to describe women’s amorous feelings!

Nowadays, sullen has also become one of the attractive expressions of women. With a flamboyant posture hidden behind the veil, it maintains the most innocent side of women and also reveals the other side of women’s desire to reveal their true selves.

urban expression is sullen and coquettish.

In the daytime, she dressed up as a lady and behaved modestly. At night, she also changed into a low cut evening dress, heavy makeup and pearly slippers to join the ranks of “rock girls”; He usually speaks softly and cherishes words like gold, but when he comes to KTV, he is like two people. He sings love songs, sings fast songs, and competes in red wine. His crazy performance makes everyone surprised.

Mm, who is quiet in appearance and conservative in behavior, posted his body in the dark on the Internet and openly asked netizens to score him; In life, I wear simple clothes, but I don’t hesitate to spend a lot of money to buy myself beautiful clothes and accessories in the virtual world, and then tease

A well-known clothing brand grandly launched a fashion show with the theme of “sullen and elegant”, which made many followers tremble

“Sexy girl” Cai Yilin and her “gossip boyfriend” Jay Chou, when interviewed by reporters, coincidentally said that they were “sultry”, and even “fans” cheered for being lucky to be classified as such.

Women writers who were hidden behind the scenes have published books and appeared on the camera one after another, copying the art that can hardly be distinguished from the original on the cover, and then setting off with a few beautiful articles. A batch of “beautiful women writers” have come out in style.

If you’re not careful, sullen becomes a “Sika Deer” hidden in the urban jungle, tempting men’s eyes and decorating the rich expression of the city.

it’s beneficial to openly accept and secretly disclose.

The 21st century is an era that stresses individuality. “Sullen” means to draw a clear line between publicity and domineering with a roundabout and tactful atmosphere. Since it’s “stuffy”, it’s not blatant, but in Wu Nong’s soft words and seemingly careless eyes, it tickles every restless nerve terminal on your body.

Just like Zhang Ziyi’s attitude in 2046, she is obviously a dusty woman, but she has a proud heart; Obviously he likes Tony Leung, but he has to show disapproval. When Liang really gets hold of her, her coquettishness will show a little.

In front of clients, she is coquettish; In front of Liang, she retreated to sullen. Another example is Maggie Cheung’s excellent performance in “in the mood for love”: it seems that she is sad but actually she is attached. Her cold exterior and fiery passion convey her inner forbearance and changeable personality.

It is not difficult to see that this kind of amorous feelings is about degree: more dislikes coquettishness and less dislikes boredom. Therefore, its real charm lies in: open and closed, just right.

Friends “reveal secrets” to Xiaoji, and Xiaoya in their unit is of this type. Xiaoya, with short hair, T-shirt and cowboy appearance, is an avantgarde new human. One day after work, she asked her colleagues to help deal with a computer problem, but the colleagues were anxious to leave, so she rushed up and whined, “just a moment, help me.”

Shaking around, the bow tie on the back of the sexy bra hidden in the T-shirt was accidentally exposed. We have changed our views on this “ignorant” little girl, and we also know that she likes to browse the high-end underwear area of SM even though she wears cool clothes all day. Her colleagues teased her for being “sulky”, and Xiaoya smiled a bad smile: “can’t I? You can’t be coquettish openly, but you can’t be coquettish secretly!

Shen Yuan’s sullen performance is: after a long day’s stroll in the rainbow mall, he only brought back a few colorful lace thongs, hid in the room and tried them on in turn against the mirror, snickering while wearing them, and tempted his boyfriend someday

It can be seen that sulkiness depends on the place, the situation and the object. Men like sultry because they have seen through the ostentatious and self righteous coquettishness, and they are also tired of pretending to be pure and noble ladies. The open and hidden customs of sultry women are like a flash in the pan in the dark, giving people a mysterious surprise. According to the fashionable woman Youjia, it’s like a shrimp with its shell removed and a thin film left — fresh and chewy!

subvert traditional self praise

Since ancient times, “Sao” has been a derogatory term that mocks women. In social ethics and morality, women should be reserved, introverted and implicit, otherwise they will become “goblins” and will not be tolerated by society. And the true self of a woman is also hidden behind the decent appearance of being virtuous and pure.

Now, the birth of the word “sullen” itself shows that the public can accept this hidden element in human nature that is worth recognizing and expressing. It also represents the society’s understanding and tolerance of self-consciousness, and is no longer a pure suppression and strangulation. It is a kind of understanding enhancement, a kind of self praise of new women, and a subversion of women’s traditional aesthetic outlook.

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