Will your career hurt love

Carina Lau, who has been promoted to Mrs Leung, admitted that loving Tony Leung requires great tolerance and understanding, because he often has some strange behaviors that normal people can’t understand because he is too involved in the drama, which makes his spouse very painful. In the past, we thought that occupation hurt love only because of work and ignoring spouse. As long as you can learn from Yang Lan, when you are with your family, you can take care of them wholeheartedly, devote yourself wholeheartedly, and do nothing perfunctory, turn off your mobile phone and other external communication tools, and enjoy simple life time, everything will be solved. However, the Japanese love psychologist Diyue Zhifan believes that professional habits have a more profound impact on love than the lack of time for couples to spend together. He even listed ten categories of people who are prone to lovelorn, including lawyers, journalists, managers and teachers.

My friend Xiao Shan was once maliciously called Miss “understand” by an ex boyfriend. Working in a foreign-funded educational institution, she brought her patience to students into love, and asked “do you understand” when things happen. Therefore, she was criticized as “self righteous and domineering” by her ex boyfriend’s mother. As an adult, no one wants to be asked “do you understand”, but as an excellent teacher, Xiaoshan does not realize that work mantra will murder love.

Some people say, isn’t love the most tenacious thing in the world? Love is indeed tough enough, because they rarely die of serious diseases, and even the more they encounter the major event of life and death, the more they will stage a world shaking “Korean drama style love”. However, it is so fragile, and the love that ends without illness dies of minor injuries in daily life.

bright careers and the opposite of careers

Cui Yongyuan claimed to be the most boring husband in history because he “said too much outside and didn’t want to say a word at home”. Many women writers admit that they are easy to be disappointed with men, because they have too many unrealistic fantasies, thinking that they know men best, but they are most likely to lose men in the end. It is said that doctors are easily indifferent, especially obstetricians and gynaecologists, because they can easily see the human body as an organ breakdown diagram. Teachers may be good mothers, but it is difficult to be good wives, because they are not only easy to bring bad emotions home, but also likely to become “iron clad ladies” with the strongest desire for transformation.

Tracy is an insurance salesman. Her boyfriend’s family almost collapsed because of her dedication. “Yesterday, a 23-year-old girl got breast cancer. Fortunately, she bought insurance from our company…” Annie’s husband died in a car accident. I had advised her to buy him a personal accident insurance for a long time, but she didn’t listen. She must regret it now… “Usually, Tracy’s dinner topic starts from work and continues to say that nobody can eat.

Once, her boyfriend forgot to buy insurance when he took a plane. She said, “how can you? Once the plane falls down, you will earn tens of thousands less than others.” She felt that she cared about her boyfriend and his family, and their evaluation of her was cold, avaricious and secular.

The day before yesterday, Liu Lala, a sales manager of a company, had a big quarrel with her boyfriend. When his boyfriend was itching for an expensive adult scooter, she tried to persuade him with the “cost calculation method” that she had persuaded customer service countless times to give up this “foolish idea”. “In fact, I don’t have to buy it, but I hate to see her triumphantly thinking that her rich professional experience has saved me.” Liu Lala’s boyfriend said. This is not the first time they have quarreled over this, and it will probably not be the last time. A boy once told me that he should never marry a girl who is a salesman. They are too clear about love and money.

big women in the workplace and small women in the family

It is said that in the era when the telephone was not popular, a director received a call from his hometown, saying that his father had died and his mother was critically ill. The director of the Bureau, Daniel, replied by telephone as follows: “I agree!”

As CEO, Mandy has a very tense relationship with her husband. She was very sad: she always bought brand-name clothes for her husband, never forced him to make money, but he found fault with herself every day. She thinks she is a 100% good wife, but everyone can see that the man is not so much his husband as his subordinate. Once, my husband went out to play and came back very late, but his mobile phone was dead. So, she called many of his friends, and when she was finally able to talk to him through the air, she immediately shouted like Meryl Streep in the devil wearing prada: “I don’t care what the reason is, you should always report to me when you come back late.” I believe no man likes the word “report”, although I believe it is just a slip of the tongue or a careless idiom when she is angry.

Mr. a invites you to a party that you are not interested in. If your answer is “I have more important things”, obviously, you have not distinguished your professional role from your family role. In the family, nothing is more important than being together. You may say, “I’m tired. Can I go with you next time?”

A survey by the University of Chicago in the United States shows that wives who earn more than their husbands are more likely to bring home their work mood. This may explain why successful women in the workplace are more likely to become leftover women.

“I work under great pressure. He should understand and be patient!” When female executives are as cold as ice at the dinner table on a date or angry because of their boyfriend’s “retarded” joke, they often think so. However, Michelle, the first lady of the White House who once earned nearly twice as much as her husband, never thought so. “You can bring back work efficiency, but you should not bring back work mood.” In the eyes of Mr. President, she is a humorous woman with self-control. She tells him what to do or not to do like a friend and praises him like a real wife: “you are born with the great gene.” And he commented on her like this: she is my boss.

The biggest difference between love and career is that when you don’t try to deliberately control a man, he is willing to be controlled by you.

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