Is yoga good for sex

1. Is yoga good for sex

By practicing yoga, we can not only lose weight, but also exercise the softness of the body, and play a great role in sexual life. Practicing yoga is good for sexual life. Long term yoga exercise can make us have a better sexual life.

2. Is Yoga harmful to cervical vertebrae

Yoga exercise is one of the more common ways to practice body flexibility, but in the process of another family, if the training is not proper or the training process is tired, it may cause tension and fatigue, and it may also cause injury to the cervical vertebrae due to improper posture during the training process.

In the process of practicing yoga, it may also cause damage to the cervical vertebrae, which has a great impact on health. Therefore, we should choose a suitable training method, keep doing physical exercises step by step, and do not exercise too hard, which may affect people’s health.

3. How to do if you hurt your waist while practicing yoga

Don’t confuse hot compress with hot compress. Apply cold compress to the damaged part within 24 hours after injury: take a basin of cold water, soak two small towels or gauze in cold water, then take it out and screw it to half dry before applying it to the affected part. Change the dressing every 4-5 minutes, apply for 20-30 minutes each time, and cold compress several times a day. Hot compress the damaged part 24 hours after the injury.

If you haven’t fully recovered, remember never to do waist movements again. If possible, you can ask your family or friends around you to help rub the activating oil and massage the strained part properly.

How to practice yoga at home

1. Shoulder rotation

Put the fingertips of both hands on your shoulders, circle the elbow joint from front to back, and breathe together. Inhale upward and exhale downward for 9 times, until your shoulders and neck are slightly heated.

Shoulder rotation can relax the shoulder joint, and is also a very good exercise to adjust the cervical spine. To treat the cervical spine, first improve the shoulder back, so dredging the shoulder is also dredging the neck, and it can also prevent colds.

2. Mountain pose with arms extended upward

Stand straight, cross your hands, and push the palm directly above you. You can bend your body to the left and right sides with your breath. Inhale upward, exhale to the left, inhale upward, exhale to the right, and do it five times. Pay attention to keep the ribs slightly closed, the abdomen tightened, and don’t collapse.

The mountain pose with the arms extended upward can further stretch the shoulders and back, stretch the muscles in these parts, prevent the stiffness of the shoulders and back, and dredge Qi and blood.

3. Locust type

Lie prone on the ground, put your hands on the back of your body, cross your fingers, inhale, pull your hands backward, and lift your legs when you exhale. Keep your arms as high as possible and your legs straight. Keep 5 breaths, exhale and relax.

Locust pose is a very good exercise to strengthen the back strength. If students with low back diseases can practice this pose more, they can strengthen the strength of the lower back, recover the straight posture, and improve the disease of the lumbar spine.

When can office workers practice yoga

1. Reasonable use of nine to five

Office workers are busy at work. When will they have time to practice yoga? Time allocation: practice yoga breathing and meditation for 10-15 minutes before getting up in the morning and going to bed at night; Before lunch and during the work interval of afternoon tea, use yoga posture to move your head, neck and shoulders, and use tables and chairs to do some in-situ twists and stretches. In addition, give up the habit of lying in bed on the morning of the weekend. Yoga practice in the morning can give you an energetic start to your weekend life; Take regular yoga classes on weekends, and your life will become healthy and full, and these good feelings will strengthen your determination and confidence to persist in practicing.

2. Practice time remains the same

Freelancers have even greater resistance. If you are a freelancer whose working hours are arranged by yourself, irregular work and rest time may be the biggest obstacle for you to adhere to yoga practice. In this case, you need to set yourself a firm practice time. The best time allocation is before 8:00 a.m. generally, at this time, you are unlikely to accept a new job, so your attention is not easy to be disturbed and you can concentrate on practice.

3. 2-3 times a week is better

Regular practice can make your life healthy and orderly. This kind of regular practice can free you from the chaotic state of life and develop a good habit of working and resting on time. As a result, physical and mental health has improved, and it has become a matter of course to keep practicing.

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