Please don’t mess with the opposite sex in the office

Office romance is an eternal topic. Going back to the past, we can talk about the love between slaves and officials in the ancient court, such as Diao Chan and Lv Bu; In modern times, it is also a type of love that people often pay attention to. Especially with the recent release of the film “Du Lala’s promotion” and its box office success, office romance has once again become the focus of white-collar topics. People inside or outside the love siege will gossip: can you provoke office romance like Du Lala?

case1 why don’t I touch office romance?

Nie yongmale, 33 years old, professional manager

The year before yesterday, I went from Beijing to Hangzhou to be a marketing director of a famous Internet enterprise. It was the first time I separated from my wife after I got married. I was a little unaccustomed and a little excited. I’m not used to it because I’ve been with my wife for 8 years, and it’s hard to avoid missing when I’m suddenly separated from the two places; And the little excitement is that in fact, I am somewhat bored with the world of two people, and looking forward to being alone is like having to change my breath after diving for a long time.

Hangzhou is a super comfortable city. In my opinion, it is most suitable for dazing. Therefore, I usually go to the cafe on Nanshan Road to sit for a long time or climb Baochu mountain on my own during the boring weekend. I really enjoy this time alone, which makes me have no distractions and my heart is clear. But one day, an email broke my inner peace. One of my female subordinates confessed to me. Maybe I can ignore other people. What’s more, it’s a female subordinate I admire very much. She not only has a sense of responsibility and work ability several times stronger than ordinary employees, but also has a beautiful appearance and body. I almost didn’t have an instinctive sexual fantasy about her before I received the email.

I hesitated, whether I should “sneak” in such a situation, and whether I should take in the kitten who knocked on the door? But only 10 seconds will strangle this unwanted thought in my mind. I’m a husband and a leader. I called this female subordinate into the office and pretended not to have read the email and said to her, “I’m going back to Beijing this week to spend the weekend with my wife. I may arrive at the company later next Monday. Please be responsible for the docking with customers on Monday morning. I’m very optimistic about you and continue to refuel!”


In the workplace, there are always some people who do not intentionally marry in secret, just because of their personality. They do not like to bring family life into their work, but this often causes some unnecessary troubles and misunderstandings. They also naturally become the “prey” of those office “beauty hunters”. Without high EQ, they are easily defeated. Most people with a sense of family responsibility are not easily disturbed by office romances, because they have a clear calculation between cheating and the costs and consequences they need to bear. There are also some people who are willing to try the feeling of flowering inside and outside the wall, but most of them ended in fiasco. The most famous example is Bill Clinton.

case2 office romance needs some courage

Ma Xiaoyuan, female, 24 years old, newspaper editor

The newspaper has a new boy doing technology. He is tall and thin. Although he looks a little green, he is still my favorite. As an editor, my job is mainly to compile and organize contributions. In fact, I don’t have much contact with him. Occasionally, when I meet him in the corridor, I just smile at him. I haven’t known his name for a long time. Until that day, my notebook broke, and no one in the business department could fix it. I had to go to the technology department to find a “senior engineer” to fix it, so I had a formal contact with this boy named Yu Li for the first time.

On the afternoon of that summer, the air conditioner that failed to win praise happened to strike. The extremely hot office was completely devoid of the romantic scenes depicted in many novels and movies. I watched him play with bad books like a cook, attentive and enthusiastic. I used the newspaper to fan him while I was idle, but the sweat still soaked his white shirt and bangs on his forehead. The appearance of his bangs sticking to his skin fascinated me. I couldn’t understand the reason why he finally explained to me that the notebook broke down. All I knew was that my “master notebook” was better after he repaired it than when I bought it two years ago.

In the days after that, I often thought of his sweaty temples. While suddenly falling in love with him, I couldn’t help condemning myself: it’s wrong, office romance is not necessary, especially when I don’t know his attitude, girls should be more reserved! Despite this, the infatuated thoughts still do not compromise with reason. I spend my time working and watching soap operas. Unexpectedly, you and me in the soap operas have deepened my thoughts on spare energy. Finally, I can’t help myself. I muster up the courage to express my love to him


Many people know that office romances can bring all kinds of troubles, such as getting along all day long is boring, and meeting each other often after breaking up is embarrassing. But even so, many white-collar workers still choose office romance. The reasons are as follows: first, busy work keeps us in a simple and fixed interpersonal relationship every day. Occasionally, new people come in, which is not as friendly and familiar as the one they once met; Second, meeting at a more formal occasion like the office does not give people a sense of insecurity and discomfort at all like bars and nightclubs. Office romance is relatively easy to build trust between people.

eight colleagues’ divination, let yourself watch it.

Don’t provoke office romance, stand in the position of irrelevant romance, sometimes because you care more about your face and don’t want to be the object of gossip by colleagues. If you don’t have an office romance, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have any hopes and aspirations, nor does it mean that you don’t have a little 999 in your heart. What if your favorite is not working with you in the same company? Maybe I’d like to fall in love.

I think this kind of deviation in choice has a lot to do with the Chinese people’s good face and the festival of duplicate names, because it is not easy to live among other people’s spittle stars for a long time, and may even carry many strange and unnecessary titles and passages, which leads to the conclusion that this person is very open, and this person is not serious! Therefore, many people choose to keep close and seek the future, and choose “only love strangers”. In the final analysis, it is still because everyone would rather be an onlooker, the person who made up the story than the person in the story.

office romance + extramarital affair = asking for trouble

“From the perspective of the incident itself, as a CEO, he should be a model in the work and personal life of employees. Extramarital affairs violate the company’s code of conduct and thus affect the company’s image. From the perspective of the company’s leaders, a 68 year old leader in a high position does not understand that extramarital affairs in the company are harmful to his reputation and leadership of the company. This shows that he lacks judgment, so he is not suitable for doing it and often needs to make important judgments Broken company leaders;

From the perspective of prevention, although he has not done any harm to the company at present, and although he did it temporarily, the occurrence of this incident has shown that his moral character has a tendency of corruption and may have problems in the future, so he must be dismissed when there are no problems. ” These are the three reasons why Boeing CEO Harry stonesever was fired for extramarital affairs a few years ago.

For this corporate executive who has worked for Boeing for many years, it is obvious that having an affair in the office is tantamount to asking for trouble. Even though he is going to divorce and is in love with his lover, it is precisely because all this happened within the company and caused bad effects among colleagues that he finally sent himself back to his hometown.

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